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25 de agosto de 2014

2 tenure-track positions in aquatic or riparian ecology (USA)

The Department of Watershed Sciences (www.cnr.usu.edu/wats) at Utah State University
(www.usu.edu) is seeking applications for two 9-month, tenure-track positions in aquatic or riparian
ecology. The division of activities is 50% research, 40% teaching, and 10% service.  We are interested
in candidates who use some combination of field-based, experimental, modeling, and theoretical
approaches in their research and are interested in the integration of physical and ecological sciences
within a watershed or landscape context. Candidates with specialization in any level of ecological
organization are encouraged to apply.
Areas of interest might include, but are not limited to:
stream/river ecology, lake/reservoir ecology, riparian/wetland ecology, landscape ecology, spatial
modeling, ecophysiology, and ecotoxicology. The successful applicants will participate in teaching
courses relevant to the department’s curriculum.  See jobs.usu.edu/applicants/Central?
for a complete position description and application instructions. Contact Charles
Hawkins (chuck.hawkins@usu.edu) for additional information.

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