Seis ofertas de postdoc trabajando con arrecifes de coral en el AIMS (Australia) ~

8 de febrero de 2017

Seis ofertas de postdoc trabajando con arrecifes de coral en el AIMS (Australia)

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) is offering 3-year employment opportunities for six new Postdoctoral Fellows, to conduct applied and/or basic research in the following projects:

· Genomic basis of environmental stress tolerance and resilience in corals

· Drivers of recovery of coral populations and reefs after disturbance

· Role of evolutionary rescue on coral reefs under current and future environmental scenarios

· Effects of sediments on larval ecology of corals and sponges

· Hyperspectral imagery for coral reefs and inter-reefal zones

· Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) navigation in a coral reef environment (in partnership with university collaborators, 2 positions)

AIMS postdoctoral fellows receive extensive support, funding and mentoring. AIMS offers competitive employment conditions, has world-class facilities (SeaSim and two research vessels), we have coral reefs on our door step (well, it's kind of a big step...), and most of us are embedded in strong national and international collaborations.

Early career researchers from all Nations are eligible to apply for these positions.

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Please send any inquiries directly to those listed for each of the projects/positions.

As previously mentioned, AIMS is presently also calling 7 other new marine jobs, as well as a for systems developer position:

Coastal Biogeochemical Modeller

Ø Lead the development and application of biogeochemical models to provide scientific advice on managing regional and global pressures on tropical marine ecosystems.

Ecological Risk Modeller

Ø Analyse complex spatial and time-series data to predict how tropical marine organisms and ecosystems respond to multiple pressures from a rapidly changing environment.
Ecosystem Modeller - Cumulative Impacts

Ø Lead and conduct quantitative environmental research to identify drivers of resilience and vulnerability in tropical marine ecosystems.
Research Scientist - Benthic (Coral Reef) Ecology

Ø Advance AIMS' world-leading coral reef research and monitoring programs.

Research Scientist - Fish Population Ecology

Ø Advance research on ecology and diversity of tropical demersal fish through analysis and application of new and existing approaches.
Systems Developer

Ø software developer with experience in developing cloud-based interactive systems in Java, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS, experience in deploying and maintaining Linux-based servers (in-house and/or cloud based).

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