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24 de mayo de 2017

Voluntariado de investigación de campo en Sudáfrica

A research assistant position is available for durations of one to two months (within the period from August 1st to November 31th 2017) in the Biological Interactions Lab (www.biointeractionslab.com) in the Department of Botany and Zoology at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

Work will be based in Namaqualand during the annual spring mass-flowering
displays. Namaqualand is a semi-desertic area of astonishing plant
diversity which is part of the Succulent Karoo Biodiversity hotspot.
We will conduct pollinator observations, in Situ experiments, and collect
DNA material and plant trait measurements on the unique long-tongued fly
pollination systems across a large area (300km long). Long-tongue flies
are unique to southern Africa, many are undescribed as yet, but still they
are key-stone species as over 250 species of plants rely on them for
reproduction. The plant species we focus on are from the Iridaceae and
Geraniaceae families.

Candidates need to be hard-working, naturalist-minded, willing to spend
long hours in the field and spend most nights camping. A previous
experience in pollination biology will be an advantage. Such fieldwork is
highly rewarding to the naturalist-minded persons. Namaqualand is a unique
ecosystem, and new discoveries are plentiful.

Food, accommodation, and a small stipend will be provided. Travel costs to
South-Africa are not included.

Please direct any questions and applications to me: florent.grenier@ens.fr
I can also provide email addresses of former fieldwork assistants if you
want extra feedback.

Deadline: June 4th 2016 / florent.grenier@ens.fr

Florent Grenier
PhD candidate
Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution
Université de Montpellier FRANCE
Department of Botany and Zoology
Stellenbosch University South-Africa
cell phone : +33 6 76 48 10 30

Some pictures of Namaqualand plants are on this flickR album :
A few pictures of the fieldwork conducted in 2016 :

References on the study systems
Manning, J. C., & Goldblatt, P. (1996). The Prosoeca peringueyi (Diptera:
Nemestrinidae) pollination guild in southern Africa: long-tongued flies
and their tubular flowers. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, 67-86.

Manning, J. C., & Goldblatt, P. (1997). The Moegistorhynchus longirostris
(Diptera: Nemestrinidae) pollination guild: Long-tubed flowers and a
specialized long-proboscid fly pollination system in southern
Africa. Plant Systematics and Evolution, 206(1-4), 51-69.

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