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25 de mayo de 2017

Técnico de investigación en botánica y bio molecular (Francia)

*Research Assistant*

Plant experiments and survey in nature

*General informations
*Lab: UMR5174 EDB Evolution and Biological Diversity

Place: Toulouse (31)

Publication: 19/05/2017
Type of contract: short term contract
Duration of contract: 2 years
Date of hiring wanted: 1st September 2017
Workload: Full-time
Desired level of education: Bachelor's degree or higher
Experience: 3 to 5 years
Salary: approximately 2000 € gross rate / 1700 € net rate monthly (for
experience of at least 3-5 years)

*The research assistant will be part of the EDB lab (Pujol's research
group) and the ANGI ERC project. The objective of this project is to
investigate the impact of non-genetic inheritance on the ability to
adapt to environmental constraints of /Antirrhinum majus/ (Muflier),
both in natural populations and through experiments in controlled

*- Organization and realization of plant experiments in controlled
conditions: Preparation, management, implementation and monitoring of
the experiment, cultivation, controled crosses, morpho-physiological
measurements and tissue sampling.
- Organization and realization of population surveys in the wild:
measuring phenotypic (vegetative and reproductive) traits and sampling
tissues. Use of GPS equipment for localization.
- Molecular biology work: DNA extraction, microsatellite markers PCR and
- Management and analysis of the data collected and preparation of
reports and oral presentations of the activities and results,
participation in the writing of scientific articles.

*- General knowledge in evolutionary ecology and population genetics.
- To master the tools for studying the biology of plant populations, the
evolutionary ecology of natural plant populations and population genetics.
- Knowledge of several techniques for collecting and analyzing data
related to the study (statistics, morphometry, tissue sampling,
molecular biology, GIS, computer tool, etc.).
- adapt his/her activity to the project and manage the experiments
(adapt the protocols according to the problems, operational knowledge of
the rules and practices, draw up dashboards and files to follow-up the
funding allocated, manage a team of students and specify the roles and
objectives of each student).

*The Lab Evolution & Diversité Biologique is a joint CNRS / ENSFEAE /
IRD / Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier research unit.
A part of the work will be done outside the site of Paul Sabatier
University on the experimental platforms available for the cultivation
of plants under controlled conditions (CNRS experimental station at
Moulis) and outdoors (monitoring populations near Peyriac de mer /
Bages, in the region "Occitanie" and possibly North East of Spain),
possibly in rough conditions. The recruited research assistant will be
potentially associated with the devellopment and the management of the
project as well as with the publication of the results obtained (under
condition of involvement).

Please contact Benoit Pujol (benoit.pujol@univ-tlse3.fr) by sending a
CV, a letter of motivation and contact details (email and phone) of two
contacts for references. Deadline for application: 15/06/2017. An
interview will be scheduled soon after this date for the selected

*Benoit PUJOL*
Researcher in evolutionary ecology at CNRS, France
Quantitative genetics in the wild and non genetic inheritance

Lab. Evolution & Diversité Biologique (EDB)
Office 104, Bat. 4R1, Université de Toulouse Paul Sabatier,
118 Route de Narbonne 31062 Toulouse Cedex 09
Mail: benoit.pujol@univ-tlse3.fr
Follow me on twitter: @BenoitPujol

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