Se buscan biólogos marinos para trabajar en una isla subtropical ~

2 de octubre de 2017

Se buscan biólogos marinos para trabajar en una isla subtropical

Ascension is a small volcanic island situated in the sub-tropical South Atlantic with a warm stable climate (26-34°C), excellent beaches and unique biodiversity. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to our future success and to be part of a welcoming and friendly island community. We are looking for two Marine/Fisheries Scientists to join our marine science team, helping to deliver the scientific objectives of the CSSF funding proposal “Promoting greater marine protection around Ascension Island” and the priority actions of the “Ascension Island Ocean Sanctuary Scientific Roadmap”. In particular:
Monitoring of population trends in exploited inshore marine fish and invertebrate species through comparison of new and historic data (where available)
Conducting applied research into the ecology of exploited inshore species to assist in the development of management plans and regulations, including for grouper (Epinephelus adscensionis) and spiny lobster (Panulirus echinatus).
Partake in fisheries Patrol/research trips to search for IUU fishing and collect scientific data from the entire Ascension 200nm EEZ
Stakeholder engagement and awareness raising of marine conservation and fisheries issues with local fishermen, general public and school children
Compliance monitoring (local attitude monitoring) to fisheries management
Delivering the objectives of the scientific roadmap to help provide a scientifically informed Marine Protected Area at Ascension Island.

We are offering a salary of £11,700, on a two year accompanied status contract with the following benefits worth up to £20,000:
Allowances: Rent free housing, with electricity and water allowances and a food allowance (£3028 or £6054)
One mid-contract return journey to the country of recruitment/residence
Free primary medical and dental care
A gratuity payment on successful completion of each 2 year contract.

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