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6 de abril de 2018

6 proyectos sobre ciencias del mar para pedir maripuris en Francia

UBO is looking for highly motivated postdoctoral researchers for building innovative projects to apply for a Marie-Sklodowska Curie European Fellowships (MSC-EF) to the next call (12 September 2018).

Six topics and teams have been identified for you to develop your research project in UBO and help you to write a winning proposal in Marine Sciences:
Submesoscale Ocean Dynamics in the Arabian Sea and adjacent gulfs (Keywords: Process studies, role of topography and surface currents on dense outflows, submesoscale vortex formation and interactions with mesoscale features, numerical modeling, in situ and satellite data analysis)
Source and production of 20:5n-3 and 22:6n-3 at the basis of marine food webs (Keywords : Trophic ecology, lipids, biochemistry, physiology, plankton)
Modelling multiple stress effects on marine organisms’ life-history and population dynamics(Keywords: Population dynamics, spatial ecology, multi-stressors, biotic interactions, life cycles, ecophysiology, inter-individual variability, individual-based modelling, Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory)
Geophysical imaging and joint inversion (Keywords: Global geophysical imaging, electromagnetism, space magnetism, planet exploration, electrical conductivity, 3-D inversion, joint inversion)
Impact of the meso and submesoscale dynamics on the fate of exported particles in the deep ocean (Keywords: Ocean Dynamics, Turbulence, Lagrangian, Particles, Ocean carbon pump, Modelling)
On the detection and estimation of biofouling in tidal stream turbines (Keywords: Tidal turbine, electric generator, signal processing, biofouling, detection, estimation)

MSC-EF are prestigious fellowships funded by the European Commission. They offer a rare opportunity to talented scientists: the chance to set up research projects of their own. They provide an attractive grant for 1 to 2 years including salaries (around 2500€ net per month, with social care included) and allowances for mobility, family and research (detailed information on the call). If funded, the project proposed in September 2018 could start in May 2019.

Fellow application procedures:

We encourage all motivated post-docs wishing to apply for a MSCA fellowship with UBO to send us, as early as possible and at least before the 1st of May 2018:
a CV (including a list of publications and the exact date of your stay in each position and/or country)
a research outline document (up to 2 pages) identifying the research synergies with the pre-identified topics.

Following the reception of your application, the eligibility of your profile for a MSCA-EF application will be checked, and then the supervisor will select the most promising applications regarding the excellence-based competitive conditions and evaluation criteria of the MSCA-IF programme. They will contact you back in due course for further discussions and proposal co-writing until September 2018. To be crystal clear, this is the responsibility of the fellow to develop and write his/her own application proposal, but the supervisor will be deeply involved in the co-writing of the proposal and you will also receive dedicated support from the European office to write a persuasive proposal in a continuous follow-up process.

If funded, the project proposed in September 2018 could start in May 2019.

If you have any inquiry about applying and available support, please contact Delphine.muths@univ-brest.fr

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