Investigador biomolecular en prácticas en el CNIC, España ~

11 de mayo de 2018

Investigador biomolecular en prácticas en el CNIC, España

Antibody Diversification in Germinal Centers
B cell Biology Lab. Dr. Almudena R. Ramiro
Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research – CNIC -
The Candidate - We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated researcher to join our lab at CNIC. The candidate should have a Degree in Biomedical Sciences with an academic record higher than 8,5/10 points. Some background in Immunology, together with Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics knowledge will be highly valued as well as some Cell culture and Flow Cytometry experience. A Master degree is requested, either finished in 2017 or expected to finish by September 2018.
The Center - CNIC, located in Madrid (Spain), is a leading international research institution dedicated to understanding the basis of cardiovascular health and disease and to translating this knowledge into improved patient care.
The Group - The fellow will be part of Dr. Ramiro’s lab, a consolidated group that focuses on the study various aspects of B cell biology. B cells elicit protective immune responses through the generation of extremely diverse antibodies, which will specifically bind and mark pathogens for destruction. A critical step in antibody diversification occurs during the germinal center reaction, whereby B cells that have been activated by an infectious agent generate high affinity memory B cells and antibody-secreting plasma cells. However, antibodies and their diversification in germinal centers are also involved in autoimmune disease and cancer. Our lab studies the molecular mechanisms regulating these events, making use of animal models and state-of-the-art molecular biology approaches.
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Qualified applicants should submit an updated CV to Cristina Giménez ( before May 20th, 2018, (please indicate ref: AR Researcher in Training in the email subject)

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