Doctorado con serpientes tigre en Australia ~

9 de febrero de 2019

Doctorado con serpientes tigre en Australia

Project Description

We are looking for an excellent PhD student to commence in 2019 on a
project associated with two Australian Research Council grants examining
evolution and adaptation in tiger snakes.

The candidate should have a strong interest in evolutionary biology
(including the field of molecular evolution) and the natural history of
reptiles. They will join a vibrant research team of Australian and
international researchers, based at the University of Adelaide, that is
focused on the diversity and evolution of Australian snakes.

The candidate will be supervised by Dr. Vicki Thomson and will be based at
the South Australian Regional Facility for Molecular Ecology and Evolution
at the University of Adelaide.

Project summary:
This project examines the geographic variation amongst tiger snakes in
anatomy, ecology, and life history traits, and the relationship of these
factors to venom toxins and production. The tiger snake is a unique system
showing evolution/adaptation of multiple traits across island populations,
including body size, head size plasticity, venom evolution, scale
colouration etc. The project, which will be developed with the student, can
be developed to examine island evolution in a range of traits, which could
include the evolution of venom toxin genes that play critical roles in
adaptation to different prey items on the islands, regulation of genes
involved in plasticity of head size, evolution of genes involved in growth
that results in gigantism or dwarfism etc. We have recently generated two
genomes of tiger snakes, so these resources will be available to examine
genes known to be involved in growth, metabolism, pigmentation etc. As part
of this project, the candidate will develop skills in genomic DNA and
RNAseq analyses, including next-generation sequencing and the associated


Applicants should hold a first class honours degree or equivalent (MSc) and
have experience in molecular genetic analyses and/or bioinformatics.
Applications or enquiries should be sent by email to Vicki Thomson

Australian students should first apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award
scholarship in the mid-year round (due May 31st, 2019) for commencement
between July 1st and Nov 30th 2019 (see
International students should first apply for a University of Adelaide
scholarship. The next round closes on Feb 15th for commencement between
July 1st and August 31st. (or April 30th 2019 for commencement before 30th
Nov 2019). See:

Thank you.
Dr. Vicki Thomson
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
School of Biological Sciences

The University of Adelaide
Benham Building
North Terrace Campus
South Australia 5005
Room: B.12b

Office phone: +61 8 8313 1466
Mobile: 0413 743 167
University website:
Personal website:
Twitter: @Vicki_Thomson

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