Postdoc en limnología en las Azores ~

10 de febrero de 2019

Postdoc en limnología en las Azores

"International call for PhD holder Researchers, on the project "When was the Azores archipelago really colonized? A High Resolution Paleolimnological Approach ", under the reference PTDC / CTA-AMB / 28511/2017, funded by national funds through FCT / MCTES, in the scientific area of Biological Sciences, scientific sub-area of Paleolimnology and Limnology, under a work contract for a non-fixed term, aiming at the development of activities of fundamental and applied research, preparation of scientific papers, dynamization and collaboration in activities of scientific dissemination and extension. Tasks to be developed will include coordination of sediment collection and analysis for paleoecological studies using the latest environmental and climate reconstruction tools in a multiproxy approach. The study of lacustrine sedimentary sequences will include: (i) classical approaches to identify early signs of changes related to human occupation through paleolimnological and paleoecological indicators (eg pollen); ii) cutting edges approaches (eg ancient DNA), unambiguous markers of human activity preserved in the sedimentary record."

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