Proyecto de master sobre biodiversidad marina en Canada ~

31 de marzo de 2019

Proyecto de master sobre biodiversidad marina en Canada

M.Sc. Student Position on Marine Phytoplankton Biodiversity

Biodiversity of Phytoplankton fron the North Pacific and Arctic Oceans: Using Molecular Tools to Understand Biological Oceanography

Department of Biology, University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate for a 2-year
M.Sc. research project in the Department of Biology at the University
of Victoria (, commencing
in September 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter. This
position is part of an exciting project: Oceans of
Biodiversity (,
which aims to characterize the distribution and diversity of marine
organisms through high-throughput DNA barcoding and other molecular
genetic approaches.

The genetic diversity of marine phytoplankton is vastly
under-characterized. This project will develop methods and undertake
metabarcoding of mixed-species assemblages of phytoplankton from the
subarctic North Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Arctic region (Bering and
Chukchi Seas). Through the use of state-of-the-art molecular sequencing
techniques, microscopy and computation, the student will analyze samples
collected during oceanographic cruises to provide detailed information of
the composition of phytoplankton assemblages. In parallel, the student
will focus the attention to those diatom taxa responsible for harmful
effects on fin- and shellfish fisheries and aquaculture, and on natural
fish and avian populations through the production of domoic acid.

This project is ideal for a student with a strong background in cell and
molecular biology and knowledge of marine biology, interested in the
application of these techniques to environmental science. The student
will be co-supervised by Dr. Ryan Gawryluk (Department of Biology)
and Dr. Diana Varela (Department of Biology, and School of Earth and
Ocean Sciences), and will have opportunities to interact with other
researchers at the University of Victoria and across Canada through
their participation in the ???Oceans of Biodiversity??? and ???Food from
Thought??? projects.

Preference will be given to a student with an excellent academic
standing (GPA > 7/9 in the UVic scale or 3.3/4), and appropriate
background. Applications are open to international candidates as well
as Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

Applicants should submit a resume highlighting their previous research
experience, copies of university transcripts (undergraduate and graduate
as appropriate unofficial copies are adequate at this stage) and a
brief statement of scientific and academic interests to both: Drs. Ryan
Gawryluk ( and Diana Varela (

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