Lab Technician/Researcher for eDNA monitoring of invasive species ~

10 de abril de 2019

Lab Technician/Researcher for eDNA monitoring of invasive species

Project: Preventing spread of invasive fish & mussels using qPCR &
novel water surveillance

Principal Investigators: Gordon Luikart, Steve Amish, & Brian Hand,
Flathead Lake Biological Station and Montana Conservation Genomics
Laboratory, Division of Biological Sciences, The University of

Start Date & Duration: May 2019; 1 year with likely extension

Project Description/Summary: Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) such as
rainbow trout, brook trout, and zebra mussels are spreading across North
America causing massive economic and ecological problems (Figs. 1,
2). To help prevent spread, new environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling
and laboratory qPCR tests are now available for early detection and
monitoring of these AIS. This lab position will involve applying real
time qPCR assays to track spread of AIS in Montana and adjacent states.
The successful applicant could help collect water eDNA samples in national
parks and wilderness areas across Montana. Sampling would include use
of a mobile qPCR on lakes (from a speed boat), and the use of autonomous
sampling instruments that collect multiple samples daily (automatically,
with no human on site) from streams. The successful applicant will help
publish novel approaches to understand, predict, and prevent evolutionary
adaptation and spread of AIS (Fig. 2). Skills required: The applicant
should have experience applying qPCR assays (e.g. TaqMan) to eDNA samples
or difficult/ancient DNA samples. The successful applicant would ideally
also have a Master's degree or equivalent experience in writing reports
or publications, working as a team, and collaborating successfully with
natural resource agency field biologists. Experience with metabarcoding
and next generation sequence data analysis would

Applications: Send a brief letter ( < 1 page) describing your motivation
and background, your CV, and the names and contact information for
three references. Review of applications will start immediately and
remain open until a suitable candidate is hired.

Salary: will depend on your experience and CV.

Key references: see our web pages, this eDNA video at: and click on the video
(arrow) on the right side; and contact us. See also Gingera et al. 2017

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