Prácticas remuneradas de divulgación en el Zoo de San Francisco ~

23 de julio de 2019

Prácticas remuneradas de divulgación en el Zoo de San Francisco

ZooMobile Intern 2019-2020
San Francisco CA

The ZooMobile Internship runs from mid-September 2019 through early June 2020. Applicants should be available Monday-Friday, 40 hours per week, with frequent early morning shifts. The San Francisco Zoo supervisory staff has the option to extend this internship for a second academic year (with a summer break). About the ZooMobile Program: The ZooMobile is the primary outreach program of the San Francisco Zoo, and has been in operation since 1975. ZooMobile Interns
take a variety of small ambassador animals into schools, senior centers, preschools, and libraries to teach specific lessons about wild places and wild things.

The objective of the Zoo's internship program is to provide practical,
on-the-job experience; provide exposure to zoo operations and zoo
careers; provide classroom and teaching experience; and demonstrate
the unique advantages of zoo internships as a supplement to more
conventional learning programs. The intern will learn and perform,
under supervision, the duties and responsibilities of an employee in
the assigned department. Education and Animal Resource Center (ARC)
staff members supervise interns and ensure a progressive
skill-building experience throughout the school year. All internships
are paid the current San Francisco minimum wage of $15.59 per hour.

About the Internship: The ZooMobile Intern will be conducting
ZooMobile presentations to a wide range of age groups while handling a
variety of small amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. The
ZooMobile Intern will also help lead Zooforce programs (if
applicable), update teacher resources for the Zoo website, and attend
special events. Other tasks will include: • Contacting schools and
teachers • Scheduling lessons • Driving the ZooMobile van to
school locations • Working with ARC volunteers • Animal husbandry
duties relating to the care of the animals in our ZooMobile program
• Other administrative projects as needed The intern will be
expected to work both in and outdoors and therefore must be able to
tolerate varying weather conditions.

Candidates should also be able to tolerate dust and animal hair/dander
as well as lifting and carrying animal carriers into and out of
schools. Must be able to lift and carry at least 30 lbs.
Qualifications: Coursework in biology, zoology, ecology, education or
related area (Bachelor’s Degree preferred); ability to present
information to groups of diverse ages and abilities, while performing
classroom management techniques and ensuring the animal’s
well-being. A career interest in teaching and/or working with animals
is a necessity. Bilingual verbal and/or written communication skills a
plus. Must have a valid and clean California driver’s license and be
willing to drive and park a large cargo van in varying environments,
including busy San Francisco streets.

Please apply via our web site at
. Please attach a cover letter with your resume detailing what you
hope to gain from this position and how the internship relates to past
experience, future plans, and career interest/goals.

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