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14 de noviembre de 2019

2 Postdoc Positions in Animal Behaviour in Berlin

As a joint project of Max Wolf and Jens Krause, we are looking for two postdocs working with us at uncovering the behavioural rules underlying the development of adaptive behaviour. This project is embedded in the Science of Intelligence Cluster in Berlin (https://www.scienceofintelligence.de/) which will provide an extremely stimulating research environment.

We are looking for one experimental person working with fish (Amazon molly) and one theoretician developing mathematical and/or computer simulations models. The positions are for three years, application deadline is 29.11.2019, project start should be between April 2020 and October 2020. Details on the project, the two positions and the application process can be found on:


Projects "Mapping behavioral-experiential trajectories..." and "Algorithmic models of exploration behavior".

For further questions please get in touch with Max Wolf (m.wolf@igb-berlin.de)

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