Chulada de postdoc en Italia estudiando migraciones de aves marinas ~

21 de abril de 2020

Chulada de postdoc en Italia estudiando migraciones de aves marinas

We are hiring an 18-months postdoc to work at ISPRA (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) with Lorenzo Serra and me (Jacopo G. Cecere) on movement ecology of seagulls. Contact me asap by email ( if you are interested in hearing more.

The postdoc will work on both foraging activity (i.e. movement ecology during breeding period) and migration of Mediterranean and black-headed gulls in relation to both environmental/human related variables and individual characteristics. Part of the tracking data have been already collected but more data will be collected during the 2021 breeding season.
There also is the chance to collaborate with other colleagues working on the movement ecology of other aquatic and sea birds species.
The postdoc will be based at ISPRA, in Ozzano dell’Emilia, near Bologna (Italy), but we do not exclude the possibility of working at home for some periods. A possible accommodation could be the ISRPRA guesthouse with single rooms (10€ per night). Fieldwork will be carried out in the Salina di Cervia (northern Italy, along the Adriatic coast).

We are thus looking for an enthusiastic candidate able to reliably work independently as well as in a team.
• GPS-data analysis with R
• Leading manuscripts
• Fieldwork, mainly capture and GPS-tagging of gulls

The salary is 1,600 € per month (tax included). Net salary is ca. 1,400 €

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