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18 de abril de 2020

Oferta de doctorado en política forestal

I’m searching for a PhD student to begin this Fall (or Spring 2021 if moving this Fall is not realistic) working with my research group at Colorado State University. Our group, the Public Lands Policy Group, is an outstanding team of graduate students and post-doctoral scholars working on various aspects of forest governance. We work closely with a diverse network of scientific colleagues, management partners, and policy advisors and influencers involved in forest policy, public land management, and environmental governance.

The project will center around US national forest policy and the implementation of the US Forest Service’s Shared Stewardship Strategy. This opportunity is ideal for a student looking to build expertise in public policy and administration, with a focus on US forest and fire management. US forest policy is an exciting and complex context for studying environmental governance change. Students will have opportunities to dig into literature on organizational change and learning, policy implementation, networked governance, and institutional innovation. Coursework opportunities for my PhD students at CSU draw upon the expertise in multiple, outstanding departments offering courses in natural and social sciences. I have funding for at least three years, and likely four, through a combination of research grants and teaching assistantships.

Prospective students should send me a brief CV and an email indicating their professional goals, specific interest in working with my research group, and interest in this research project, preferably by May 20. I will solicit full applications from particularly promising students soon thereafter. Students should be aware that their work will be part of an externally funded project, which brings with it the benefits of visibility for research and a strong research team, along with high expectations for professionalism, strong communication skills, and an ability to complete work independently and on time. PhD students should be prepared to bring innovative insights and independent contributions to the research team.

Minimum qualifications are: 1) a master’s degree in a natural resource-related field that included the completion of a social science thesis, 2) demonstrated experience analyzing qualitative interview data using qualitative analysis software, and 3) background in US natural resource or environmental policy.

I will respond to all emails from students who address the topics above and meet these minimum qualifications.

Thanks for your help advertising this opportunity.



Courtney Schultz

Associate Professor of Forest & Natural Resource Policy

Director of the Public Lands Policy Group

Department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship

Colorado State University

Office phone: 970-491-6556


Follow me @ProfCSchultz and @PLPG_CSU

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