Participa en una expedición estudiando cetáceos desde Canarias al Golfo de Guinea ~

16 de junio de 2020

Participa en una expedición estudiando cetáceos desde Canarias al Golfo de Guinea

EDMAKTUB Expedition Gulf of Guinea 2020.

Do you want to be part of the team?

We look for collaboration with other local or international groups

The EDMAKTUB association announces its next Gulf of Guinea Expedition
2020 within the SACET Project (South Atlantic Cetacean Project).
Departing from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the expedition will travel the
west coast of Africa until reaching the Gulf of Guinea. The project
consists in obtaining maximum data on cetaceans both during the journey
and in the gulf area. At the same time, all possible information will be
obtained on all species of marine animals, oceanographic conditions and
the presence of waste and/or plastics. The project aims to collaborate
with both local and international organizations by offering the
possibility of sharing information, collecting data or samples and
participating in campaigns. The countries in the Gulf of Guinea where
work is likely to be carried out are Sao Tome and Principe, Equatorial
Guinea and Gabon, without excluding other possibilities and also
depending on the situation of each country during the expedition, in
respect to both the Covid19 pandemic and the collaborations available
that will allow us to carry out research in them. The scheduled dates
are from July to December 2020.

More information on the webpage

We invite any, especially local, entities from any of the countries in
this area and also internationally, that may be interested in
collaborating and/or participating and in obtaining data and / or
collecting samples.

At the same time, up to four people who want to participate in the
expedition are required, prioritizing, if possible, the ability to
depart from the Canary Islands or to join the team at one of the
possible destinations. We are looking for anyone who has a profile in
marine sciences, specific knowledge of cetaceans is not necessary.
Knowledge of photography and video documention and social networks would
be an important asset. It is important to have a minimal level of
nautical experience as a lot of time will be spent on board.

We are also opening up the possibility to those who do not have so much
time and want to participate in periods of at least 10 days- contact us
to organize this option that will be provided from August 20 to December 15.

As it is not a funded project, those who form part of the team will have
to finance their own travel expenses to and from the point of departure,
and although it will not be a paid activity, they will not have any
expenses while on board. People who want to participate for short
periods will have to make a financial contribution.

If you have questions and are interested in joining us, write to us at

If you know someone interested please share!

Eduard Degollada Bastos DVM PhD
President Associaci? EDMAKTUB
Fb edmaktub
Youtube edmaktub
Ph +34630038829

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