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25 de julio de 2020

Oportunidades de master, doctorado y postdoc en microbiología en Alemania

The newly founded Emmy Noether group, The Schuller Lab, opens in the attractive and historic city of Marburg. We are located at the Research Center for Synthetic Microbiology (SYNMIKRO), a joint institute of the Philipps University and the MPI for Terrestrial Microbiology - A hot spot for microbiological research in Germany. We cooperate closely with the laboratory of Prof. Volker Müller (University of Frankfurt), a world-renowned expert in the field of microbiology and physiology of acetobacteria.

The Schuller laboratory is particularly interested in biological systems responsible for biological carbon fixation, biological energy conversion and transport. We use the tools of high-resolution cryoEM single particle analysis, biochemistry and molecular biology to understand the mechanism of enzymes and metabolic processes in organisms that have high potential for Synthetic Biology approaches. The new knowledge could be used to create improved industrial microbes for the production of chemical compounds, to produce solar fuels and to sequester CO2 to combat global warming.

Acetobacteria are used in industrial-scale plants (see www.lanzatech.com) to capture and recycle CO2. Thanks to a unique set of enzymes, they can thrive in a gas mixture called syngas (CO2+CO+H2) that is waste in industrial processes. These enzymes are part of the Wood-Ljungdahl pathway, an ancient metabolic pathway that combines the fixation of carbon dioxide with the synthesis of ATP and is therefore considered one of the oldest life-supporting pathways on Earth. The projects are a collaborative effort with the Müller group (University of Frankfurt) and include the structural characterization of newly discovered metabolic enzymes from acetobacteria.

The techniques involved include standard molecular biological techniques, purification and handling of multi-protein complexes, high-resolution imaging by cryo-EM, image processing, 3D reconstruction and molecular modelling.

If you have a university degree in biochemistry, life sciences, physics or other related fields and have a strong interest in structural microbiology, you should contact Jan Schuller (jan.schuller@synmikro.uni-marburg.de) and inquire about open projects.



Jan Schuller
Philipps University - SYNMIKRO Research Center

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