British Antarctic Survey busca un nuevo miembro para unirse a su equipo de ecosistemas. ~

6 de noviembre de 2020

British Antarctic Survey busca un nuevo miembro para unirse a su equipo de ecosistemas.

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British Antarctic Survey (BAS) delivers and enables world-leading interdisciplinary research in the Polar Regions. Its skilled science and support staff based in Cambridge, Antarctica and the Arctic, work together to deliver research that uses the Polar Regions to advance our understanding of Earth as a sustainable planet. Through its extensive logistic capability and know how BAS facilitates access for the British and international science community to the UK polar research operation. Numerous national and international collaborations, combined with an excellent infrastructure help sustain a world leading position for the UK in Antarctic affairs. British Antarctic Survey is a component of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). NERC is part of UK Research and Innovation

We employ experts from many different professions to carry out our Science as well as to keep the lights on, feed the research and support teams and keep everyone safe! If you are looking for an opportunity to work with amazing people in amazing places then British Antarctic Survey could be for you. We aim to attract the best people for those jobs.


The project aims at understanding the impact of marine microplastic pollution on the ability of the ocean to export carbon from the surface to the deep ocean with a focus on zooplankton-plastic debris interaction. The main purpose of the role is to explore how the characteristics of plastics alter as a function of exposure to the marine environment; the vertical distribution and export of plastic over daily and seasonal timescales, and the role of zooplankton as vectors of plastics through the water column.

Work will encompass marine biogeochemical, biology and microplastic particle analysis and will include two multidisciplinary field campaigns (in the Southern Ocean and Mediterranean Sea), in which the post-holder will be involved in manipulative experiments and shipboard instrumentation and moored platforms deployment.


PhD in marine environmental ecology or equivalent experience.

  • Contribute to the preparation and planning of CUPIDO research activities
  • Lead and publish high quality peer-reviewed research related to the CUPIDO objectives
  • Form and maintain national and international relationships and collaborations for scientific research
  • Travel to national and international meetings to present research findings
  • Work with novel oceanographic equipment and develop zooplankton, biogeochemical and microplastic laboratory protocols
  • Documentation of data set for curation in appropriate data centres (e.g. PDC, BODC)
  • Support cruise planning in terms of data collection
  • Achieve timely and relevant scientific paper outputs
  • Proactively pursue and contribute to future research grant opportunities
  • Documente of data set for curation in appropriate data centres (e.g. PDC, BODC)
  • Engage with the Arctic and Mediterrenean research community as well as with the general public for outreach

Please quote reference: BAS 20/89

Duration: 2.5 years. Expected start date between 1st March 2021 and 1st April 2021.

Benefits: We offer generous benefits

Interviews are scheduled to be held: 12 January 2021

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, please note there may be delays to our recruitment timeline.

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