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28 de enero de 2021

7 becas de doctorado marinero en Italia (ojo, de 3 años)

Associated partner: CNR – Italian National Research Council

Coordinator: Prof. Stefano Goffredo, Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences – BiGeA, University of Bologna, s.goffredo@unibo.it
Co-coordiantor Italian Nationa Research Council: Dr Mauro Marini, Institute for Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnologies - IRBIM, mauro.marini@cnr.it
Vice Coordinator: Prof. Marco Candela, Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology – FABIT, marco.candela@unibo.it

Starting date of the PhD Programme: 01/11/2021

Duration: 3 calendar years

PhD scholarships: seven new 3-year scholarships will be announced in March 2021; please stay posted visiting the doctoral program website:


PhD program research topics:
- Marine microbial metagenomes: study of microbial metagenomes from marine organisms (holobionts) and environments as indicators of ecosystems and organism health and functionalities;
- Marine environment: relationship between environment and organisms; autecology and synecology, biological cycles of the species being harvested, and food webs;
- Modeling gene regulation, biomineralization, growth, and population dynamics in marine calcifiers and fish species;
- Genomic methods and life history traits as tools for fisheries management;
- Fishery stock assessment methods;
- Fishing innovative techniques and Technologies;
- Marine microbial food webs, and food security;
- Influence of contaminants (chemical and microbiological) on reproductive cycles, on food quality and on human biodiversity;
- Bioremediation of impacted marine ecosystems (surface and subsurface water and sediments);
- Aquaculture, restocking and relative environmental impact;
- Human genetic variability of genes and pathways involved in lipid metabolism across Italy and the Mediterranean area: focus on genetics, nutrition and health;
- Natural resources and environmental economics; - Fisheries economics, product marketing and fishery chain;
- Protection of the environment and resources: legal bases, organizational, and innovative elements and tools for ecosystem-based fishery management;
- Community legislation on fisheries, national rules in the Mediterranean countries and EUSAIR;
- International Fisheries Organizations operating in the Mediterranean: objectives and functioning;
- Sustainable exploitation of marine bio-resources (microbes, biomass and fish processing by-products and wastes);
- Citizen Science: communication, volunteer involvement, spatial and temporal large-scale monitoring, dissemination, environmental education.

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