Lanza tu propio proyecto divulgativo sobre evolución (hasta 4000 euros de financiación) ~

5 de febrero de 2021

Lanza tu propio proyecto divulgativo sobre evolución (hasta 4000 euros de financiación)

**ESEB Outreach Initiative Fund**

The European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) welcomes
applications to the ESEB Outreach Initiative Fund for projects that
promote evolution-related activities. The goal of this initiative is to
improve public knowledge about evolution globally.

Applications for funding will be accepted for educational initiatives
that promote evolution, translation of evolutionary material (books,
films, and websites) intended for a general audience, public outreach
seminars, public exhibitions, etc.

There will be a single call per year with a total budget of 20,000 Euro.
A single project can be funded with up to 4,000 Euro, but smaller
projects are welcome. We are requesting a report after one year, at
which time the project should be completed.

Please use the ESEB application form to submit your proposal and note
the word limits given herein. The form can be downloaded at the ESEB

Proposals will be accepted until *15th March 2021* and should be
submitted by email to the ESEB office (Email:; Subject:
Outreach 2021).
Note that we will acknowledge receipt of all applications within a week.
If you have not received our confirmation by then, please contact the
ESEB office again!

Please note that scientific meetings are not supported by ESEB Outreach
Initiative funds. These fund also do not work as a mechanism for
continual funding. Once the potential of a project has been
demonstrated, this should be used as a basis to convince other funding
sources on continuation funds. Hence, submissions by a group that has
been successful in past calls may be penalized if the proposals are mere
follow-ups of previous projects.

The applications will be evaluated by the Outreach Initiative Committee:

Josefa González, Chair (ES)
Delphine Sicard (FR)
Karine Van Doninck (BE)
Rhonda R. Snook (SE)

Dr. Ute Moniatte - ESEB Office -
European Society for Evolutionary Biology -

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