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3 de abril de 2021

15 ofertas de doctorado en diferentes instituciones por toda Europa

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15 PhD Early-Stage Researcher positions in the inventWater ITN project

The new H2020-MSCA-ITN-2020 program inventWater: "Inventive forecasting tools for adapting water quality management to a new climate" is offering 15 Early-Stage Researcher positions across 10 top European research institutions and universities. Apply and join an impressive consortium and benefit from the unbeatable working conditions offered by the Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN Actions.

You can find all the details here: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/618612

You can have an idea about the 15 projects and host institutions in the list below:
  • ESR-1: A new generation of coupled watershed-lake water quality models operating at multiple scales, Aarhus University, Denmark.
  • ESR-2: Machine learning methods integrating climate and water monitoring data to support modelling future water quality in lakes and reservoirs over decades, Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany.
  • ESR-3: Improving forecasts of phytoplankton blooms using high frequency satellite observations, The University of Stirling, UK.
  • ESR-4 : Incorporating water management in an Earth System Model for improved climate, impact and adaptation modelling, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium).
  • ESR-5 : Innovative forecasting approaches to assess future trends in pollutant flows from land to water systems for advancing sectoral water quality services, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.
  • ESR-6 : New global indicators for the impacts of global changes on water quality to improve management and policy making, International Institute for Applied System Analysis, Austria.
  • ESR-7 : Assisting decision making with water quality predictions based on short-term weather forecasts, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland.
  • ESR-8 : Producing climate services related to seasonal and decadal prediction for an improved management of lakes devoted to drinking water supply, Catalan Institute for Water Research, Spain.
  • ESR-9 : Combining forecasting tools and adaptive monitoring strategies for fast reaction plans for aquatic ecosystems at risk, Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, Germany.
  • ESR-10 : Solutions for existing and future challenges in water governance, Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research, Germany.
  • ESR-11 : Adaptation strategies against progressing anoxia in lakes, The University of Stirling, UK.
  • ESR-12 : Forecasting the phenology, production, and distribution of diadromous fish in order to enable climate adaptation in fish management, University College Cork, Ireland .
  • ESR-13 : Forecasting feedbacks between the climate system and carbon dynamics in lakes and reservoirs under adaptation scenarios, Catalan Institute for Water Research, Spain.
  • ESR-14 : Forecasting trade-offs between the food-energy-water-environment nexus and opportunities for adaptation, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium).
  • ESR-15 : Adaptation measures based on smart nutrient management at the catchment scale for future-proof water quality, Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

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