El Institute of Avian Research (IAR) en Alemania ofrece varias posiciones de postdoc, estudiantes de doctorado y posiciones permanentes. ~ Bioblogia.net

12 de junio de 2021

El Institute of Avian Research (IAR) en Alemania ofrece varias posiciones de postdoc, estudiantes de doctorado y posiciones permanentes.

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The Institute of Avian Research (IAR) is a research center under the authority of the Lower Saxonian Ministry of Science and Cultural Affairs. The headquarter is located in Wilhelmshaven, equipped with modern bird keeping facilities as well as outdoor aviaries, and in close vicinity of the IAR’s well-known common tern study site. A field station with one of the world’s oldest continuously operated trapping gardens is located on the island of Helgoland. Moreover, the IAR has set up and maintains local receiver station of the international MOTUS telemetry network. In addition to outstanding field and bird keeping facilities, the IAR benefits from a modern scientific infrastructure, including molecular labs, computational facilities as well as in-house wood and electronic workshops. The central research foci are bird migration and life history biology. In addition, the IAR houses the Bird Ringing Centre for Northwest Germany. We currently combine sophisticated analysis of long-term (and partly longitudinal) observational data with experimental approaches. Phenotypes are assessed using ringing data and blood sampling techniques, as well as RFID, radiotelemetry, geolocator and GPS technology. To understand the (epi)genetic basis of behaviour we combine high-throughput-sequencing data to identify sequence variants with approaches beyond the sequence level, such as gene expression profiling and characterisation of chromatin modification or epigenetic markers.

We are offering several full- or part-time research positions, including:
  • up to 2 PhD positions (3 years; 50% E13 TV-L),
  • 1 or 2 postdoc positions (3 years; E13 TV-L), and
  • 2 permanent positions (E13 TV-L).
Our main aim is to complement and bridge current research foci on bird migration and life-history biology with new ideas and trajectories either in focus or through methodological approaches. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss possible research ideas or learn more about available datasets and databases. The Institute of Avian Research is an equal opportunity employer, committed to  inclusion and diversity and welcomes applications from people from all groups and backgrounds. In addition, the IAR is committed to (i) increase the proportion of women in successful scientific careers (§11 of the Niedersächsisches Gleichberechtigungsgesetz), (ii) promote the equality of (severely) disabled and non-disabled people, and (iii) provide opportunities for people with a migration background. As such, it especially welcomes applications from female scientists, (severely) disabled scientists and immigrated scientists. In case of equal suitability and qualifications, these applications will be given preference.

Applications should include a cover letter describing the type of position applied for (PhD, postdoc or permanent senior researcher), motivation and relevant experience, a detailed CV with copies of relevant certificates, a concise description of the research you propose to carry out with us at the IAR, and contact details for two academic references. Applications should be submitted as a single PDF file to poststelle@ifv-vogelwarte.de. Applications can be sent until 22.06.2021. (First) digital interviews are planned 01. and 02.07.2021.

Note: Application costs unfortunately cannot be reimbursed. Application documents will be destroyed four weeks after the hiring process has been completed. Further information on our data protection policy during recruitment processes can be found at on our website: https://ifv-vogelwarte.de/generische-navigation/datenschutz.

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