Post-doc estudiando procesos evolutivos y de adaptación en reptiles endémicos de la región Mediterránea 🐍🦎🐢 ~

5 de junio de 2021

Post-doc estudiando procesos evolutivos y de adaptación en reptiles endémicos de la región Mediterránea 🐍🦎🐢

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The Ficetola lab at the Univ. of Milano is recruiting one postdoctoral fellow. The successful applicant will take a leading role in the project "HybrInd: Global changes, hybridization, and the tyranny of the golden mean: A tale of tails". Our project combines population genetics, genomics, analysis of performance and species distribution modelling to understand the drivers of biodiversity in some species of endemic reptiles from the Mediterranean, and to assess potential responses to global changes.

Mediterranean reptiles have amazing levels of diversity and endemism, with some island endemic species restricted to a few small islands. However, we have a limited knowledge on the processes underlying the evolution of these species, and on their potential interactions with introduced invasive species. The HybrInd project combines the expertise of multiple researchers to understand the processes that determine the genetic diversity and performance in a set of model species from the Mediterranean basin. Emphasis will be given on the potential effects of interactions and hybridization between native and invasive species of reptiles.

We are looking for both young and experienced candidates with experience in the analysis of population genetics and genomic data (e.g. RAD-sequencing) to address evolutionary and ecological questions. Applicants for the position will be hard-working, enthusiastic, independently motivated and willing to lead a significant part of the HybrInd Project, and will join a highly-dynamic work group, with a strong emphasis on research excellence.

Key prerequisite include experience in the data analysis of genomic data (e.g. RAD-seq), and interest in the use of numerical ecology to address evolutionary and ecological questions. Experience in spatial ecology or in the biology of amphibians and reptiles will be welcomed.

Details on the application
The post-doctoral position is available for 12 months, renewable up to a total of 24 months. Salary will be proportional to the experience of candidates
Possible starting dates are from September 2021. No deadline for application, the positions will remain open until filled.
Applications should include: CV with list of publications in peer-reviewed journals; a letter explaining research interests and two academic references. Applications should be sent to Francesco Ficetola ( For informal inquiries, do not hesitate to contact him. 

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