Postdoc en genética de la conservación en Sudáfrica ~

19 de noviembre de 2021

Postdoc en genética de la conservación en Sudáfrica

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The University of the Free State (UFS, South Africa) invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Genetics. Candidates with a proved track record in Conservation Genetics, with a research interest in Conservation Genomics, are encouraged to apply. Current research in the unit is focussed on hybridization, diversity in fragmented populations and geographic patterns of genetic diversity (and the associated adaptive significance of these processes). Species of interest include ungulates, mussels and zebrafish.

The fellowship is awarded on a competitive basis, taking into account the applicants' academic achievements, publication outputs and research potential, as well as the relevance of prior experience and expertise. The fellowship is available for a period of one year, renewable for up to three years subject to satisfactory performance.

Eligibility criteria: The fellowship is open to all South African and foreign nationals for full-time research at the UFS. Graduated with a PhD degree in a relevant discipline within the last five years Successful applicants may not hold full-time salaried employment during the fellowship Successful applicants must be able to relocate to the UFS for the duration of the fellowship. This is a residential fellowship: the successful applicant is required to spend 80% of her/his postdoctoral period at the UFS.

The successful candidate will be required to: 
  • Conduct innovative research in Conservation Genetics / Genomics. Research area should be closely aligned with current focus areas and taxa of interest in the research group. The candidate will also be required to devote a portion of research time (~25%) to projects using the zebrafish facility in the Department.
  • Author/co-author at least three (3) publication outputs per year in the form of DHET- accredited scholarly journal articles or books/chapters in books. The renewal of the fellowship beyond the first year depends on satisfactory performance and the submission of an annual progress report.
  • Initiate projects and seek funding for them.
  • Provide assistance to students and staff in the Department in the analysis of Genomic data.
  • Register and reside as postdoctoral research fellow at the UFS and participate in relevant activities of the School of Postgraduate Studies and the Directorate of Research.
Value of the fellowship:
ZAR 220,000 annual fellowship
ZAR 30,000 additional research expenses fund

To apply, please email the following documentation by 30 November 2021 to
  • Motivation letter, including a 1-2 page outline of relevant expertise and experience. Full CV including a list of research publications, conference papers and other scholarly outputs demonstrating relevant experience in the field of Conservation Genetics. 
  •  Full transcripts of academic record and copy of doctoral degree certificate.
  • Copy of ID document (or copy of passport in the case of foreign applicants).
  • Contact details of two academic referees who have taught/supervised the candidate. 
 Closing date: 30 November 2021

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