Conviértete en conservador ornitológico en el Museo de la Universidad de Berkeley ~

3 de abril de 2022

Conviértete en conservador ornitológico en el Museo de la Universidad de Berkeley

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The Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (MVZ) at the University of California Berkeley seeks a Staff Curator of Ornithology. MVZ’s Ornithology collection consists of approximately 200,000 bird specimens, including study skins, skeletons, fluid-preserved specimens, taxidermy mounts, eggs and nests, and frozen tissues.

The MVZ is a center for research and education in the biology of vertebrates. Founded in 1908, the museum’s mission is to document and to increase understanding of the diversity of vertebrates. It retains its historic emphasis on western North America, although the collections and current research programs are global in scope. The heart of the museum is its superb collections, encompassing over 700,000 total specimens.
Research within the museum combines extensive field studies with modern laboratory techniques and analytical methods to generate a comprehensive, synthetic understanding of vertebrate zoology. Our goals are to remain at the forefront of international research on evolutionary biology from the perspectives of systematics, ecology, behavior, functional and developmental morphology, population biology, and genomics, and to lead the way in using natural history collections for research, education, and solving problems in biodiversity conservation.

The position comprises curation and research components. The Staff Curator will oversee day-to-day operations of the ornithology collection, including preparing and integrating (accessioning, cataloguing, installing) new specimens, maintaining and improving specimen records in the Arctos database, keeping the collection updated taxonomically, processing incoming and outgoing loans, receiving visitors and responding to inquiries, assisting with class and public tours and other events, participating in museum digitization projects, helping with permits, writing grants in support of the collections, and facilitating use of the collection for research and education. The Staff Curator also will train and supervise volunteers, undergraduate and graduate students, and represented staff personnel, and will collaborate with other curators to manage shared space and facilities and oversee pest management. The applicant is expected to have an independent, specimen-based research program that includes a field component, contributes to growth of the MVZ bird collection, and generates publishable results based on field and museum data sets.

See the job position posted on the UC Berkeley website.

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