Postdoc estudiando la evolucion de los galápagos de las Galápagos 🐢 ~

4 de abril de 2022

Postdoc estudiando la evolucion de los galápagos de las Galápagos 🐢

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A position as a postdoctoral researcher/fellow in population and evolutionary genomics is available at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University, in Dr. Adalgisa (Gisella) Caccone research group.

Project Title: Giant Galapagos tortoises evolutionary, phylogeography, and conservation genomics using extant and extinct taxa.

Project Description: We are using genomic methods to reconstruct the evolutionary history of Giant Galapagos tortoises using data from extant and extinct populations and species. This is part of a long-term research agenda on this iconic group of organisms carried out in collaboration with multiple research institutions and foundations.

Duties: The postdoctoral hire will be responsible for collecting and analyzing population genomic data from extant and extinct taxa for a variety of goals including reconstructing the colonization history of the group, looking at patterns of recent and historical introgression and demographic dynamics, and carrying out species delimitation analyses to evaluate taxonomic ranks.

Qualifications required: For this position, the candidate must hold a PhD degree within evolutionary biology or another relevant field, with experience in population, phylogeography, and conservation genomics. Experience in aDNA methods is preferred. They need to be able to express themselves fluently in spoken and written English, work independently, thrive in a multicultural and collaborative environment, and willing to support the training of undergraduate and graduate students.

You are welcome to submit your application by April 15, 2022. Applications will be reviewed as they come in. The tentative start of the position is July 2022. Funding is for two years. To apply please send a CV and a description of your interest and qualifications and how they fit with the job description.

For inquiries please contact: Adalgisa (Gisella) Caccone (

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