Ecología y conservación: dos puestos de asistente de campo con murciélagos y artrópodos ~

14 de abril de 2022

Ecología y conservación: dos puestos de asistente de campo con murciélagos y artrópodos

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Two positions for Field Research Assistants in ecology and conservation

Biodiversity assessments of bats and arthropods in Italian olive agroforestry systems nearby Pisa

“Ecological management of European olive agroforestry: linking biodiversity
conservation, ecosystem services and productivity (ECO-OLIVES)”
Background: The research project ECO-OLIVES investigates olive agroforestry systems in Italy (nearby Pisa) with a focus on functional diversity, multitrophic interactions and ecosystem services of  birds, bats and arthropods toadvance their conservation and management. Through transdisciplinary approaches such as the integration of field experiments, DNA barcoding, socio-ecological surveys and software applications, this project aims to contribute to improved sustainable land use and management within and beyond the study area. The project is lead by the University of Vienna (Bea Maas) and conducted in close cooperation with partners from the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, the University of Würzburg and other international partners.
Position announced: We are filling two Field Research Assistant positions to support our field and laboratory work in the study area nearby Pisa, Italy. The positions will be available each for a total of nine weeks during the main field research seasons of the project in 2022 (May/June until October/November 2022).
Applicants should have experience and ideally expertise in one of the following tasks:
(1) Acoustic recording of bats using bat recorders (BATLOGGER C) – expertise with analyzing recordings is a plus
(2) Sampling arthropods using pitfall traps and ant-specific methods – taxonomic expertise is a plus
The two tasks are carried out partly independently and partly coordinated between May and October (each three weeks in May/June, July/August and September/October – total of nine weeks per position and year).
In addition to experience/expertise in these areas, applicants should have
- Advanced language skills in English and Italian (at least B2 level)
- A car driving license (and ideally an own car)
- A good connection to the study area (e.g., living and/or studying nearby Pisa)
- Experience with landscape mapping and GIS is a plus

The position will be open until filled. We aim to fill both positions until May/June 2022.
If you want to apply for this position, please send an Email using the subject “ECO-OLIVES field assistant” to Bea Maas, including the following information combined in one single PDF document starting with your family name:
- A CV highlighting your relevant qualifications and skills
- A short motivation letter and/or description why you would like to work in this project
For each position, we offer an independent working contract and a salary of 4050,00 EUR per field season (1350,00 EUR per three-week period with 30h/week) and the opportunity to work in an international research team, as well as the possibility to participate in the resulting scientific papers or to use this project for a master thesis. This project allows flexible time management. An extension of the contract for the 2023 field season is possible.

Further information about the project

Contact: Bea Maas

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