Estudia el comportamiento de mangostas y analiza sus movimientos con este doctorado ~

15 de abril de 2022

Estudia el comportamiento de mangostas y analiza sus movimientos con este doctorado

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Pre-emptive behaviour in a landscape of fear

About the Project

Many social animals face threats from outsiders, and extensive work has investigated how encounters with both predators and conspecific rivals can lead to reactive behavioural changes. However, we know relatively little about how animals might alter their current behaviour to minimise subsequent risk. This project will combine analysis of long-term data (11 years to-date), movement modelling and field experiments on a habituated wild population of dwarf mongooses to identify strategic pre-emptive behaviour. It will determine how changes in territorial space use, vigilance, spatial cohesion and within-group interactions minimise risk, optimise encounters with rivals and maximise the likelihood of future success. The successful candidate will join the dynamic research group of Prof. Andy Radford (, which currently includes four PDRAs and 12 postgraduate students. The project will include fieldwork at the ERC- and NERC-funded Dwarf Mongoose Research Project (, working with three other researchers at the South African study site. Previous experience of fieldwork and of analysing long-term data will be viewed as a positive. Please contact Prof. Radford for further details or to discuss potential applications (

Please use the link provided on this page to apply online: PhD Biological Sciences | Study at Bristol | University of Bristol

When making your application, please indicate the supervisor name and the project title on the form. Ensure you provide all supporting documents as per the programme admissions statement.

An upper second-class honours degree (or equivalent) in biological sciences or related discipline is required for entry to the PhD programme. English language requirements: please refer to the entry requirements as detailed on the postgraduate prospectus.

Funding Notes
This studentship is funded by the University of Bristol Studentship scheme
To be eligible to apply you must be an international student (i.e. not eligible for home UK tuition fee)
The studentship is for 4 years
Tuition and bench fees are included
The studentship includes a stipend of £15,609 per year to support living costs


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