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26 de abril de 2022

Haz conservación con tortugas marinas en el Caribe

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Antigua Marine Conservation Programme Coordinator

About the Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) 

The Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) is Antigua and Barbuda’s oldest non-
governmental environmental organization, and has been at the forefront of conservation work
for over 30 years. From restoring offshore islands and saving species from extinction, to
educating and community engagement and influencing environmental policy, the EAG
continues to work collaboratively to enact environmental change in Antigua and Barbuda.
Core to our work is our aspiration to have a society with individual and collective responsibility
to care for and value biodiversity and ecosystems for the long-term benefit of people and wildlife.
To do that we stand strongly on integrity and the belief that environmental work should not only
be worthwhile, but interesting and satisfying with a hint of adventure.
Funding for the organization’s operations, programme and project activities comes from
regional and international donor support, consultancies, membership dues, local fundraising
activities, and merchandising.
The EAG’s approach to its activities is collaborative: programme and project activities are
designed and implemented with input from the EAG’s target groups including government
agencies, other NGO’s, community groups, teachers, the membership, and the public.
About the Antigua Marine Conservation Programme
The Antigua Sea Turtle Project (ASTP) started in 2007 and has since had some significant
successes, which has resulted in greater appreciation for and monitoring of endangered sea
turtles found nesting and foraging in our waters, inclusive of the Green sea turtle (Chelonia
mydas), Hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), Leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys
coriacea), and Loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta). This has led to the development of
volunteer programmes which have been sustained over a decade, strong environmental
education, and significant and important partnerships.

As the EAG maintains relevance within the scope of the new push towards marine spatial
management, ASTP has been rebranded as the Antigua Marine Conservation Programme
(AMCP) with the expectation that it will tap into existing opportunities to do the following:
1. Use a scientific, data-driven approach to improve the habitats of nesting and foraging sea turtles
at key sites in Antigua.
2. Engage industry partners/stakeholders in collaborative management of sea turtles.
3. Develop a monitoring and education programme to encourage volunteerism, generate
unrestricted funding, and continue monitoring for the global management of sea turtle
4. Create programmatic linkages between marine conservation, the Blue Economy and climate
Under the supervision of the Executive Director and working in collaboration with other
Programme Coordinators, organisational and programme partners, consultants, volunteers and
other stakeholders, the duties and responsibilities of the Antigua Marine Conservation
Programme Coordinator are set out in the following objectives:
Objective 1: Using the best available science, enhance and maintain the programme’s
monitoring and management of priority areas for nesting sea turtles
Objective 2: Develop and manage a steering committee composed of NGOs, government
agencies, private sector, and communities to manage sea turtles.
Objective 3: Using the best available science, develop a programme for monitoring and
managing foraging sea turtles.
General Responsibilities
As a staff member of the Environmental Awareness Group, the AMCP Coordinator will support the
Executive Director in the execution of the EAG strategic objectives, which includes the successful
development and implementation of this programme. As such, the Coordinator will:
- Establish and maintain monitoring systems for sea turtles in Antigua
- Establish and maintain partnerships between EAG and relevant organisations/agencies for the
management of the programme, towards the establishment of an AMCP Steering Committee
or Partnership
- Manage and report on budgets related the AMCP
- Prepare monthly activity and quarterly financial reports
- Assist the Executive Director in reporting to donors
- Maintain relationships with local and regional stakeholders
- Support EAG educational activities and social media/public outreach campaigns
- By request of the Executive Director and as an employee of the EAG, carry out any other tasks
from time to time that are in line with skills and experience
- Support the EAG in the recruitment of volunteers and members, and provide support in the
maintenance of those relationships
- Working in collaboration with all staff, manage and maintain EAG equipment and storage
The AMCP Coordinator will be required to prepare an annual work plan and budget within the
first month of employment and may be asked to present aspects to the EAG Board. The EAG
Board shall support the Coordinator by:
• Providing time and opportunities for personal research which accrues to benefits to the
• Providing training or capacity-building opportunities for gap areas
Required Outputs
1. 1 year Programme work plan
2. 1 year Programme financial budget that is updated monthly
3. Brief monthly activity reports, outlining progress towards achieving programme goals, problems
faced and any recommended solutions and/or required changes.
4. Records of programme activities and outputs, including minutes of meetings held, and stakeholder
engagement reports. This aids with determining next steps, identifying issues, and developing
mitigation measures.
5. Other programme outputs as shown on the programme work plan and agreed with the Executive
Director, and the Board of Directors.
The AMCP Coordinator should possess the following:
Required Qualifications
- Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in marine ecology or related field;
- Familiar with flora and fauna in the Eastern Caribbean;
- Writing and oratory skills;
- Proficient in MS office suite including Excel;
- Comfortable working in extreme tropical conditions for long periods;
- Comfortable swimmer;
- Ability and experience working with a range of stakeholders;
- Holds a valid driver’s licence;
- A good grasp of the English Language; and
- Eligible to work in Antigua and Barbuda.
Desired Qualifications
- Master’s degree or equivalent experience in marine ecology or related field;
- Works well individually and in teams;
- Takes initiative;
- Data analysis skills
- Comfortable swimmer;
- Open Water dive certified;
- Possesses excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

Application Process 

Submit the following to eagantigua@gmail.com with the subject line as “Application for AMCP
• A cover letter indicating interest and experience with similar projects;
• A curriculum vitae indicating experience relevant to the position;
• Name and contact details for 3 references.
Questions prior to submission of documents may be sent to eagantigua@gmail.com Attn: Executive
The closing date for expressions of interest is 16 May 2022. We will endeavour to reply to all
applicants. If you do not hear from us within four weeks after the closing date, however, please
assume that you have not been successful on this occasion.
The EAG values diversity and aims to be an equal opportunities employer.

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