Ecología evolutiva en entornos cambiantes: estructura y viabilidad de comunidades biológicas en este postdoc ~

11 de mayo de 2022

Ecología evolutiva en entornos cambiantes: estructura y viabilidad de comunidades biológicas en este postdoc

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At the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED), University of Amsterdam, we seek to appoint an early career assistant professor for a tenure track in the area of Evolutionary Ecology in rapidly changing environments.

At IBED, we investigate how species relationships determine the structure and stability of biological communities, and how the integrity of these communities is influenced or compromised by processes such as species extinction, the introduction of non-native invaders, and the growth of harmful species. Within EPB, our research comprises fundamental and applied investigations at the level of individual variation, population genetics and community dynamics, to understand the process of speciation, the evolution of resistance, the evolution of endangered and invasive species, and evolution in the face of climate change. Specifically, we are working on evolutionary questions related to plant communities, plant-herbivore, herbivore-herbivore, predator-herbivore and host-pathogen interactions, both within and between species.

We are looking for candidates that can complement the research program of the department of Evolutionary and Population Biology (EPB, see at IBED, that covers a broad range of topics related to the eco-evolutionary dynamics of species interactions in challenging environments. The ideal candidate will also strengthen collaborations between existing research lines within EPB as well as within IBED, and link fundamental research on evolutionary ecology with applied areas such as (urban) planning, nature conservation or pest management and values public engagement and outreach.

As for education, the EPB Department is involved in the educational programs of the BSc-programs (i) Biology and (ii) Future Planet Studies, and the MSc-programs (i) Ecology and Evolution and (ii) Future Planet Ecosystem Science, and teaches courses in the fields of behavioral and physiological biology, (field) ecology, neurobiology and evolutionary biology, among others.

More specific information on the job profile, salary and qualification requirements can be found in this link:
If you have more questions about this vacancy, you can contact Astrid T. Groot, Head of the Department of Evolutionary and Population Biology (EPB),

Do you recognize yourself in the job profile? Then we look forward to receiving your application by 20 May 2022.Please note that applications can only be done online through the link above. The University of Amsterdam is actively promoting to increase diversity and inclusion at the faculty level. Even though this position is open to all early-career scientists in the field of evolutionary ecology, we especially encourage early-career scientists from underrepresented minorities to apply, and in case of equal suitability priority will be given to these scientists.

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