Trabaja renaturalizando y conectando hábitats protegidos en España ~

10 de mayo de 2022

Trabaja renaturalizando y conectando hábitats protegidos en España

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Rewilding Spain Team Leader

Are you passionate and eager to drive rewilding forward in Spain?
We are looking for a Director and Rewilding Landscape Team Leader for Rewilding Spain.

Rewilding Spain

Rewilding Spain is a Foundation with the mission to make Spain a wilder place and restore nature, mainly in Iberian Highlands rewilding area. Iberian Highlands will be added shortly as the 10th rewilding area of Rewilding Europe’s portfolio. The proposed core area comprises three contiguous and protected geographical areas: Serranía de Cuenca, Alto Tajo and Montes Universales, together with other adjacent forests and steppes.

Rewilding Europe and Rewilding Spain work in close collaboration to deliver the vision, mission and objectives of Rewilding Spain. The Rewilding Spain Team Leader, who will be the statutory director of the organisation, plays a key role in delivering Rewilding Europe’s Strategy for 2030 and will work closely with Rewilding Europe’s Central team to help achieve this.


The Team Leader’s main role is to oversee and coordinate all aspects of development, design, planning, implementation, management, fundraising and reporting of Rewilding Spain’s workplan, in collaboration with the Foundation’s Secretary General. The Iberian Highlands will serve as one of the rewilding landscapes of Rewilding Europe, which serve as examples for the European–wide initiative.

The Team Leader will oversee the building and work of a small team of staff that implements a work programme aimed at restoring ecosystems, providing economic opportunities for local people and connecting them and the wide public with nature, inspiring others to adopt rewilding in Spain and beyond. Additional staff or consultants will be hired to carry out certain activities or manage specific grants.

Job description and qualifications

We are looking for a motivated professional with at least 5 years of experience in the conservation sector or related fields, ideally in a leadership position. You will drive Rewilding Spain forward in all its aspects and build and lead this new organisation for rewilding nature in the Iberian Highlands.

You have a proven track record in fundraising with public and/or private donors, are a good communicator in Spanish and English and have strong local networks in Iberian Highlands and within the Spanish conservation community. You are able to develop new partnerships, engage stakeholders and design, fundraise and pilot new ideas that benefit nature, climate and people. A strong will to rewild nature and a capacity to lead and organise activities together with many different stakeholders.

If you think you have the right passion, background, experience and skills, we invite you to download the full job description for Rewilding Spain’s Team Leader position.

How to apply

We invite those interested in this position to submit a motivational letter and CV to before May 15th 2022. For any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Deli Saavedra at

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