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20 de septiembre de 2022

Oferta para trabajar en la conservación de grandes simios

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Arcus Foundation Position Description

Position: Program Officer, Great Apes & Gibbons Program
Reports to: Senior Program Officer, Great Apes & Gibbons Program
Location: Cambridge, UK
Status: Full-time, Exempt
Founded in 2000, the Arcus Foundation is a leading global foundation dedicated to the idea that people
can live in harmony with one another and the natural world. Arcus’ work is based on the belief that
respect for diversity among peoples and in nature is essential to a positive future for our planet and all of its inhabitants. Arcus works with experts and advocates for change to ensure that LGBTQ people and our fellow apes thrive in a world where social and environmental justice are a reality. The Foundation works globally and has offices in New York City and Cambridge, United Kingdom.
The Arcus Foundation staff and Board of Directors are a diverse group, reflecting the diversity inherent in the world the Foundation’s work supports. The Foundation works globally to support partners in their
pursuit of lasting change. The mission is driven by the vision of Arcus’ founder, Jon Stryker, and by a
shared dedication to the emergent global human rights and conservation movements.
With a deep commitment to integrity and humility, the leadership and staff of the Arcus Foundation hold one another accountable for implementing the Arcus mission. This includes practicing shared leadership and recognizing, celebrating, and taking collective ownership of Arcus’ success. Because a strong work ethic and responsible decision-making should exist at all levels of leadership, the Arcus Foundation applies fact-based decision-making and encourages all staff to proactively ‘course-correct,’ to efficiently manage resources so that the movements Arcus serves will benefit.
Candidate Profile:
The Program Officer is an experienced field leader and grantmaker who will form part of the Great Apes & Gibbons Program (GGP) at the Arcus Foundation, with the overall responsibility of managing a portfolio of grants, implementing the GGP strategy, and managing key relationships with partners. The Program Officer will report to the Senior Program Officer but work in a fully integrated manner with the entire GGP team to implement grantmaking that develops and supports the different strategies toward the conservation of apes in the wild and ensuring the respect and wellbeing of apes in captivity.
Implementation of the Great Apes & Gibbons Program strategy includes the ability to effectively execute the foundation’s three key roles: strategic grantmaking, listening and learning, and leading in a manner
that is consistent with the Arcus values of humility and respect. The Program Officer will also work
collaboratively with other departments on projects of mutual concern.
The Great Apes & Gibbons Program has two overarching outcomes that it is working towards:
1. Resilient populations of all ape species exist in Arcus priority landscapes that are governed in a
sustainable, just, and holistic way
2. All captive apes from Arcus priority landscapes, or in the USA, live in verified/accredited sanctuaries
or zoos
To achieve these outcomes, the program has three goals:
1. Conservation and development are reconciled in all Arcus priority landscapes
2. Long-term, holistic and collaborative efforts effectively monitoring and managing current and
emerging threats to apes
3. Culturally appropriate respect for the intrinsic value of apes, as individuals and as species, improving
their conservation, diminishing their exploitation and improving their care in captivity
The Program Officer will work to manage the program's grantmaking and leadership initiatives in these
areas. The geographic focus of this work will be consistent with the geographic focus of the program in
Africa and Asia.
The Program Officer will engage in consultation, convening, research, and interaction with a wide range of
activists, scholars, funders, academics, policy experts and institutions to maintain the relationships and
networks developed for the program. The Program Officer will work with grant seekers, developing new
grant prospects, managing and overseeing past grants made, engaging in site visits, reviewing and
summarizing grant applications to evaluate proposals for the Board and otherwise engaging in the full
range of programmatic work in this area. The Program Officer will strengthen the knowledge base and
capacity of the Foundation; gather data and build the database and other resources at the Foundation
and otherwise engage with participants in the field to advance the Foundation's mission. The Program
Officer will also connect the Arcus Foundation with the broader field of conservation and animal welfare
funders and leaders to develop new funding partnerships and to leverage funds for the Arcus-initiated
strategy. The Program Officer will from time to time meet with and make presentations to the Arcus
Board of Directors and other bodies engaged in these fields.
Strategic grantmaking: Implementation of Program Strategy through Grantmaking
The Program Officer will cultivate and curate a portfolio of grants and other activities that advance the
Program’s strategic goals, managing the full grant cycles and grantee relationships within that portfolio.
This includes:
• Developing, managing, and supporting relationships with partners and grantees working on ape
conservation and captive care programs in ape range states, as well as on thematic issues
impacting apes
• Reviewing, evaluating, and managing grant requests in FLUXX (Arcus’ organization and grants
database); producing proposal summaries for the Board; planning and conducting site visits; and
building trusting relationships with grantees
• Ensuring Arcus’ continued commitments to its organizational values are reflected in its strategic
• Supporting the implementation of the Arcus monitoring and evaluation strategy and gathering
data on measures and benchmarks to enable the Foundation to assess the impact of its
grantmaking in these areas and ensure grants are achieving intended purposes and are aligned
with the Foundation’s goals and outcomes
• Participating in and being an active member of the Arcus Program Team to provide input into
the Foundation's overall grantmaking processes, guidelines, and systems.
Listening and Learning: Strategy Advancement through Program Development and Assessment
The Arcus Foundation places significant emphasis on taking the time to listen and apply the learning in its
strategies for effective grantmaking. The Program Officer will contribute to the evolution of the Great Apes
& Gibbons Program Strategies through:
• Engaging in deep consultation with leaders in ape conservation, ape welfare, and allied
movements (including grant seekers and current grantees) and other relevant stakeholders to
determine key issues and opportunities for the Arcus Foundation’s work, convening grantees and
others, where appropriate
• Supporting the development of strategies via collating and analysing research and data;
• Attending and participating in a wide range of meetings, conferences, and gatherings;
• Ensuring the information and learning gathered through grantmaking and engagement with
various partners is utilized to inform the continued development and implementation of the
program’s learning and work
Leadership: Field Engagement
Where appropriate, needed, and with humility, the foundation also leads in certain domains. The
Program Officer will contribute to shaping and promoting the Arcus Foundation as an impactful,
values-driven philanthropic partner. The Program Officer will play a role in:
• Connecting the Foundation with various relevant sectors of the conservation and allied movements
to help build authentic relationships among funders and grantees and promote Arcus’ priorities
• Leveraging additional resources from other donors to support program strategies and to develop
creative mechanisms for collaborative grantmaking
• Engaging in speaking, writing, public advocacy, and other leadership strategies to promote the
Foundation’s values and goals in relevant forums
• Supporting research, policy analysis, and other projects that deepen the field’s knowledge of
conservation and ape welfare issues
The Program Officer works as a full member of the team across all program work and across all
departments at the foundation. The Program Officer is a vital part of the Arcus Foundation staff and is
expected to participate in all staff activities. These include, among others:
• Participating in staff meetings, Board meetings, as requested, and organizational
• Providing input into the overall strategy of the Arcus Foundation grantmaking programs.
• Participating in cross-functional working groups to contribute to advancing key
organizational priorities.
• Attending key meetings, conferences and gatherings to represent Arcus.
• Collaborating with Arcus Communications, Grants Management and Social Justice staff to
ensure effective and integrated programmatic communications, shared learning,
monitoring & evaluation and grantee relationship management processes, as well as
collegiality across the organization.
• Dedication to the Arcus Foundation mission and values.
• Experience living and working in one of the countries Arcus prioritises in its Great Apes & Gibbons
• Master’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience in a
relevant field.
• Minimum of five years of professional and/or research experience, with a minimum
of three years experience in wildlife conservation, community conservation,
social/environmental justice e.g., Indigenous Peoples’ rights, international
development, anthropology, and/or ape welfare/conservation/behavioural ecology.
Relevant experience from other sectors beyond conservation, e.g., marketing and
behaviour change, would also be considered.
• Experience with field-based conservation and community engagement.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to identify challenges and opportunities and address them directly.
• Excellent interpersonal skills, characterized by an ability to work effectively with a broad array of
people with sensitivity, positive partnership, and compassion; demonstrated ability to work well
collaboratively as well as independently; a sense of humor.
• A proactive and self-motivated work style, with close attention to follow-up and detail and the
ability to manage several projects simultaneously.
• A high degree of professional integrity (i.e., meeting one’s commitments and effective
stewardship of foundation resources) and cultural competence (i.e., understanding, sensitivity,
and respect for cultural differences and the social experiences of diverse communities)
• Ability to take direction and receive both positive and constructive feedback well.
• Possession of a valid passport, and the willingness and ability to participate in extensive
international travel.
• Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia or other Southeast Asian languages
• Experience in and knowledge of the field of philanthropy and grantmaking.
• Experience working in a global, multi-cultural, multi-location organization.
• Experience implementing monitoring and evaluation.
• Experience in policy development and national and regional governments and bodies.
• Experience in engaging with grassroots organizations, local communities, Indigenous Peoples, and
traditional structures.
• Demonstrated leadership on issues relevant to conservation, animal welfare and/or captive
animal issues.
An annual salary of $100,000 (£75,189) as well as a comprehensive benefits package that includes (but is
not limited to):
• Employer-contributed health, dental, and vision plans,
• Employer-contributed pension scheme,
• Annual paid holiday and sick leave
Please submit a resume and cover letter detailing your interest in the position through the Arcus website.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the position is open until filled.
The Arcus Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and is firmly committed to complying with all
equal employment opportunity laws. The Arcus Foundation prohibits discrimination against employees and
applicants for employment because of the individual’s race or color, religion or creed, immigrant,
citizenship or non-citizen status, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender
identity or expression, intersex status, sexual and reproductive health decisions or decision making (of
employees or their dependents), disability, marital status, familial status, domestic partnership status,
genetic information or predisposing genetic characteristics, military status, domestic violence victim
status, pre-employment arrest record, or any other characteristic protected by law. The Arcus Foundation
also considers for employment qualified applicants with criminal histories consistent with the laws of
England and Wales.

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