¿Buscas doctorado? Echa un vistazo a estos temas en evolución de aves (coloración, genómica, filogeografía, etc.) ~ Bioblogia.net

14 de octubre de 2022

¿Buscas doctorado? Echa un vistazo a estos temas en evolución de aves (coloración, genómica, filogeografía, etc.)

Oferta compartida por Nuria

Multiple Ph.D. positions are available in the Weir Lab (http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~jweir/) in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (https://eeb.utoronto.ca/education/graduate/) at the Scarborough campus of University of Toronto (https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/biosci/). Our lab uses genomic, morphological and behavioural data to address how speciation occurs in tropical and temperate regions, with a special focus on birds.

Possible PhD projects available include:
  1. Genomic analyses of avian hybrid zones in Amazonian and Canadian birds.
  2. Conservation genomics and phylogeography of New Zealand kiwi (using our dataset of 55 kiwi genomes).
  3. Comparative phylogeography and population genomics across multiple co-distributed avian species complexes to better understand biogeographic drivers of diversification in boreal and Amazonian regions.
  4. Analyses of rates of avian colour and song evolution across latitudinal gradients.
The positions would begin in September 2023 and could involve field work (collecting genetic samples in the Amazon of Peru, Brazil, and Canada), lab work (generating genetic data sets using next generation sequencing methods that sample broadly across the genome), and bioinformatic analyses (mining genomic data).

In addition, students can pursue graduate projects in any of the key research areas of the lab and exceptional students may wish to pursue their own projects.

If interested, please send Jason Weir (jason.weir at utoronto.ca) a statement of interest, a CV and an electronic copy of your transcripts. External sources of funding (e.g. fellowships) are generally required for international students (many Latin American countries as well as the EU offer these).

The Weir Lab has fostered a highly diverse group of personnel and seeks to continue to offer a safe place for members of the First Nations, Black, LGBT, and other minority communities.

Example publications from the Weir Lab (PDF's available at https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~jweir):
Barrera-Guzman, A.O., A. Aleixo, F. Maya, S. Dantas, & J. T. Weir. 2022. Gene flow, genomic homogenization and the timeline to speciation in Amazonian manakins. Mol. Ecol. 31:4050-4066.
Barrera-Guzman, A.O., A. Aleixo, M.D. Shawkey, J.T. Weir. 2018. Hybrid speciation leads to novel male secondary sexual ornamentation of an Amazonian bird. PNAS. 115: E218-E225.
Bemmels, J.B., O. Haddrath, R.M. Colbourne, H.A. Robertson, J.T. Weir. 2022. Legacy of supervolcanic eruptions on population genetic structure of brown kiwi. Current Biology.32:1-9 
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Anderson, S.A.S. & J.T. Weir. 2021. Character displacement drives trait divergence in a continental fauna. PNAS. 118:e2021209118

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