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8 de octubre de 2022

Haz el doctorado en biología marina y ecología de peces

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Application for PhD in Fish Ecology (Atlantic cod) and Marine Biodiversity

UNH PhD Graduate Assistantship in Marine Biology or Integrative Biology
Quantifying marine biodiversity through movements and feeding: Assessing coastal marine
ecosystem dynamics near estuary mouths
University of New Hampshire – in the Department of Biological Sciences
Responsibilities: A PhD student will participate in a study funded by the National
Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOAA, BOEM, and ONR) on the interactions between a
model coastal consumer (Atlantic cod) and measures of marine biodiversity. Assessing marine
biodiversity is integral to conservation and management, and techniques are advancing to
measure biological processes (e.g., environmental DNA [eDNA], passive acoustics, active
acoustics). But it remains unclear how biodiversity measurements across techniques vary with
scale through space and time, and at which scales measurements are relevant to local species.
The PhD student (advised by Dr. Nathan Furey) will focus on the movements and diet of Atlantic
cod in the coastal waters off New Hampshire and the Isles of Shoals as well as Casco Bay off
Portland, Maine, through acoustic telemetry and stomach content collection and
metabarcoding. The student will integrate Atlantic cod movements and feeding with
information on local marine biodiversity, through one or more of the following techniques,
dependent upon interest: eDNA, passive acoustics, and active acoustics. The student will have
opportunities to collaborate with, or potentially be co-advised, by co-PIs and collaborators (Drs.
Alison Watts, Elizabeth Craig, Graham Sherwood, and Jennifer Miksis-Olds, among others). The
student will also work closely with another PhD student conducting parallel studies through the
perspective of seabirds (already in progress).
Qualifications: We are committed to valuing diverse identities, experiences, and skills. M.S. or
extensive B.S./B.A. experience in biology, fisheries, ecology, oceanography, statistics, or other
relevant discipline required. Additional quantitative skills, experience working on small vessels
and in inclement conditions, and experience with fish biology and behavior, or telemetry or diet
studies are a plus. Please note in your cover letter your interest in eDNA, passive acoustics,
and/or active acoustics and any relevant experience. If interested in passive acoustics data,
please note if you have coursework in partial differential equations and your willingness to take
such courses. A willingness to learn and attention to detail and research ethics are necessities.
Good communication skills are essential as this project will be collaborative with multiple
partners including an exciting team of researchers and resource practitioners.
Salary: Minimum $30,000 per year (4 years, including summers) will be paid through Research
Assistantship and ~two semesters of Teaching Assistantship. Tuition is covered by the project,
and the graduate student will have access to UNH student healthcare.
We especially encourage applicants from underrepresented or historically excluded groups to
To apply for this position, please email the following documents to Nathan.Furey@unh.edu
using the subject of “PhD assistantship in Atlantic cod.”
- Cover letter (maximum of two pages)
- CV or resume
- Copies of unofficial transcripts
- Contact information for three references (Names, positions, email, phone, and
relationship to applicant)
Closing date: when filled; anticipated start dates as early as January 2023, although flexible
start dates may be considered for early summer of 2023 (May). Please note if selected, you
would need to formally apply for UNH Graduate School Admissions.
Questions can be directed to Nathan Furey (Nathan.Furey@unh.edu), head of the Fish and
Movement Ecology Lab (https://fishmovementecolab.wixsite.com/fureyfmelab), using the
subject of “PhD assistantship in Atlantic cod.”
The University System of New Hampshire is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access/Affirmative
Action employer. The University System is committed to creating an environment that values
and supports diversity and inclusiveness across our campus communities and encourages
applications from qualified individuals who will help us achieve this mission. The University
System prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin,
sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, genetic information, veteran status,
or marital status.

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