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27 de octubre de 2022

Puesto de asistente de campo en proyecto de cámaras trampa

Oferta compartida por Cristina

Research Assistant

The LuiKotale Bonobo Project (LKBP) is looking for research assistants for an ongoing biomonitoring project. The task is to contribute to a data base on the mammalian fauna. Data are collected by transect walks and by camera trapping. Candidates will be trained by research staff currently working at the site and will work together with other field assistants. The field site comprises 1.400 km2 and is located in a remote forest outside Salonga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Living conditions are physically and mentally challenging. The forest is often dense and swampy and assistants are sometimes exposed to severe weather and tropical diseases. The research camp has no running water, electricity, phone coverage, or internet access. Daily communication is limited to short emails, but satellite phones are available in the event of an emergency. Assistants live in tents and mostly eat simple foods (e.g., beans, manioc and rice). Please carefully consider whether you will able to cope with these conditions for an extended period of time before applying for this position.

Candidates will express an interest in forest ecology, and demonstrate strong organizational skills and proficiency with the French language. Due to the challenging physical and social environment, candidates must be (a) physically fit; (b) resistant to mental stress; (c) self-motivated and (d) able to work with minimal supervision while out in the field. Tolerance towards different social customs and beliefs is an important requirement. Please note that the LKBP adheres strictly to gender equality and will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment. Previous experience using Microsoft Excel and navigating with a compass and GPS unit are assets, but not required.Salary/Funding:
300 Euro/month during training and 500 Euro/month thereafterSupport provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
- food (mix of mainly local food and some western food items)
- lodging (in tents) at the field site
- airfare for one domestic flight from Kinshasa to the field site and back*
- expenses for long-term visa*
- contribution to an international return flight of up to 800 Euro*

Please note that people joining the research team in the field are required to have a health insurance that covers expenses for evacuation by charter plane in a case of emergency. Expenses for the health insurance cannot be covered by the project.Term of Appointment: 9 month starting in December 2022/January 2023Comments:
Applications include an updated CV, a letter of motivation that shows how the candidate meets the qualifications outlined above, and references of three people (or their contact information). Applications should be send to Dr. Gottfried Hohmann (hohmann@eva.mpg.de) and to Barbara Fruth (bfruth@ab.mpg.de).


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