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28 de octubre de 2022

El zoo de Copenhague busca un asistente para coordinar el muestreo de varias especies de primates en zoos europeos

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Research Assistant for Copenhagen Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo is looking to hire a project research assistant, who will join our scientific staff. We are a skilled and diverse group of staff responsible for research, veterinary care, and conservation projects nationally and internationally. We also cover roles and responsibilities such as population management, policy influence, curation and registration. As a department, we are very passionate and enjoy knowledge sharing and social gatherings, including our Friday breakfasts together.

The project
“The Battle of the Sex Chromosomes: Consequences for Spermatogenesis and Reproduction in Primates” is an interdisciplinary synergy project focused on understanding meiotic drive, an evolutionary force promoting a genetic conflict between X and Y chromosomes in their differentiation into mature sperm, which is hypothesized to hold an adverse effect on primate fertility. The project aims to study spermatogenesis in different primate taxa, including humans, and identify the mechanisms of meiotic drive from an evolutionary perspective. Besides generating new knowledge on fertility and reproduction in primates, the research group is also highly committed to contributing to primate conservation and developing management resources for species conservation programs under the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria.

Job Description
The research assistant will be responsible for coordinating the sampling drive from several primate species housed in European zoos. This will require frequent communication with multiple zoos and traveling to collect high‑quality samples across Europe (often on a short notice). The research assistant will ensure and assist with optimal sample collection, shipment, storage and registration of samples, as well as management of records through the Zoological Management Information System (ZIMS).

Required Qualifications and Experience

The successful candidate will have the following attributes:

Required: University degree in a related discipline such as veterinary medicine, zoology or biology, or equivalent higher education qualification such as veterinary nurse, or proven experience in any of the subject areas
Excellent database skills
Proven administrative skills
A proven ability to coordinate complex projects and juggle multiple tasks at varying levels, often self‑directed
Knowledge of the European zoo and aquarium community
Experience with reproductive management is preferred and a strong asset
Able to travel internationally

Preferred: Knowledge of ZIMS
Good communication skills
Excellent written and spoken English
Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work across multiple cultures
The ability to speak other European languages

Working Arrangements
The position of research assistant is a three-year full-time post, based at Copenhagen Zoo. From time to time it will be necessary to work at weekends and outside normal working hours. There is a holiday allowance of 25 days a year and a company pension is available.

Applications and Recruitment Procedure
Interested applicants with the required attributes should send a CV and brief covering letter, all to be uploaded through the link on this page.

Application deadline: 11-11-2022

If you have any questions regarding the job, please contact Christina Hvilsom at e-mail: CH@zoo.dk.

Interviews will take place continuously. We thank all applicants for their interest.

11. november 2022

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