Trabaja en proyectos de restauración y renaturalización como biólogo de la conservación ~

17 de octubre de 2022

Trabaja en proyectos de restauración y renaturalización como biólogo de la conservación

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Job description: Conservation biologist at Mossy Earth

We are looking for someone to help us manage our rewilding projects which focus on restoring
nature across a wide range of ecosystems. Mossy Earth is growing at an exciting pace so the
role is likely to evolve over time.

Scientific coordination and project management
Mostly remote, computer-based project management in connection with the rest of the team at
Mossy Earth and project partners but also some fieldwork.
● Look for new opportunities to restore and protect nature cost-effectively based on our
strategy and on the funding we have available.
● Evaluate and summarise the scientific evidence behind these potential interventions as
well as their additionality and tractability.
● Write, co-write or review management plans for new projects which detail how the
project will achieve and monitor its objectives.
● Maintain partnerships with project partners and stakeholders (NGOs, research institutes,
government bodies, local people, etc..), oversee progress and manage budgets.
● Review agreement documents made between partners about these projects.
● Participate and coordinate fieldwork associated with some of these projects.
Being transparent and creating engaging content is crucial to us. Conservation biologists have
to communicate effectively with the rest of the team and make sure that written content and
imagery are made available in a timely manner.
● Keep the team up to date about project activities
● When doing fieldwork film the activities and explain what is happening to camera
● Write brief descriptions related to project context and rationale as well as written
accounts of activities.
● Participate in communications with the press and supporting businesses about the
projects (eg: presentations, webinars, live feeds, articles and interviews)
● Work closely with our other conservation biologists and with co-founders to (i) support
each other in decision-making and problem-solving about the different projects and (ii)
refine our approach to project selection/design and implementation

Important Qualities
● Ability to work independently for most of the working week and to lead complex projects
from idea to completion
● Good at coordinating with multiple people and prioritising effectively across a wide range
of tasks
● Excellent speaking and writing in English and skilled at communicating science
accurately and in an engaging way
● Proactive at improving the way Mossy Earth runs and having the mindset and the vision
to question things and make suggestions
● Willingness and foresight to take ownership of tasks
● Scientific background in biology, ecology, conservation science or similar
● Experience managing conservation/rewilding projects
● Based in Continental Europe, UK or US
● Remote work (same as all other members of the team)
● Full-time using 160 hours as a reference but without work hours (focus on outcomes)
● Mandatory paid leave of 4 weeks per year. Unlimited paid leave pending approval.
● Starting immediately
● Probation period: month-on-month performance assessment for the first 3 months
● Notice period: 1 month
● Starting gross annual salary: £ 24000 (actual offer adjusted to experience level)

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