Escribe una historia sobre conservación marina en menos de 1000 palabras y gana 2000$ ~

14 de noviembre de 2022

Escribe una historia sobre conservación marina en menos de 1000 palabras y gana 2000$

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Ocean Storytelling Writing Grant

This writing category builds on the legacy of our previous photography grants and is dedicated to supporting a diverse generation of emerging conservation storytellers. While we don’t expect all applicants to be writers with a marine focus, we are specifically looking for writers who can tell conservation stories about the ocean. Whether they describe marine animals themselves, or fisheries, or the communities whose lives are intertwined with the life of the sea, a writer’s words can inform, transport, enchant, endear and persuade.

Successful grantees will receive a paid assignment to cover a conservation story under the direct mentorship of the Storytelling Grant team. We particularly wish to support early career and emerging storytellers and aim to encourage new voices with fresh perspectives and writing approaches, so although applicants must be already committed to writing, they should have no more than five years of professional experience in any writing-related discipline. We encourage women and applicants from underrepresented communities to apply for this opportunity. Applications will be accepted both directly via open call and through nomination.

Find out more about the entry requirements here.


The Ocean Storytelling Writing Grant application process consists of a one-stage online application. Applicants are required to answer a few questions and submit a short feature-style story (1000 words) and a completed set of short answers (100–200 words each) in the application form.
Only one application will be accepted from any one applicant.
If an applicant has any other current SOSF grant, they cannot apply for a new grant.
All applications will be reviewed by the Ocean Storytelling Writing Grant judging panel and require final approval from the Foundation’s Board of Directors.
If successful, the SOSF Grant agreement between the Foundation and the applicant must be sent back by the deadline. This agreement cannot be modified.


Three winners will be selected for the grant.
Each winner will receive a US$2,000 cash prize and will be given a paid writing assignment to document an SOSF-supported marine research or conservation project. He or she will take an all-expenses-paid trip to visit that SOSF project anywhere in the world to complete the assignment. The SOSF has funded more than 400 projects in more than 85 countries and each winning writer will be assigned to tell one of these stories.
The grantees will be mentored by Dr Helen Scales (marine biologist and bestselling author), Swati Thiyagarajan (conservation journalist at the Sea Change Project) and Dr Lauren De Vos (SOSF science writer). Dr James Lea (CEO of the SOSF) and Jade Schultz (SOSF content manager) join the panel as judges.
All winners will be given the chance to showcase their published marine conservation story assignment.

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