Tesis o prácticas estudiando el efecto de la caza y el turismo en el comportamiento de las marmotas ~ Bioblogia.net

20 de diciembre de 2022

Tesis o prácticas estudiando el efecto de la caza y el turismo en el comportamiento de las marmotas

Oferta compartida por Cristina

Internship/ thesis opportunity in wildlife behavioural ecology 

We offer field internship/ thesis opportunities in the Alpine marmot behavioral ecology project of Freiburg University in our study areas in Stelvio National Park and on Seiser Alm, Italy between May 1st – September 30th , 2023, for the entire period or a minimum duration of 2 months. The project investigates Alpine marmot Marmota marmota behavioral ecology with a focus on the effect of anthropogenic disturbances, such as hunting and tourism on behavior and social structuring of marmot family groups.
Internships/thesis are unpaid (but options to apply for grants); accommodation on site is provided.
Inters will gain experience in several of the following areas (depending on project and time of internship):
- Capture and handling of wild mammals
- Ethology and live observation of social behavior in the field
- Camera trapping
- Abundance estimations and habitat use
- (Possibly: Soundscapes and wildlife tracking)
- Experimental designs, data management, transcription (using the software BORIS) and analysis
- Theoretical background on marmot behavioral ecology, basics of ethology, social network analysis,
conservation behaviour
Applicants should:
- Be enrolled in a BSc or MSc program related to the topic of the internship, or have a strong
interest/motivation in the topic
- Be highly motivated and ready to work sometimes long days in the field
- Be physically fit to work outside in the mountains.
- Be ready to live in simple conditions in one of the most beautiful areas in Italy
- Ideally, have some experience in handling wild animals and/or ethology
- Ideally, have a car (no prerequisite, but keep in mind it’s a rural area with limited public transport)
Applications consisting of a short motivation letter and CV can be send to Friederike Zenth
friederike.zenth@wildlife.uni-freiburg.de; More information: https://www.wildlife.uni-freiburg.de/de/forschung

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