Asistente de investigación o postdoc en un proyecto de barcoding a gran escala ~

2 de enero de 2023

Asistente de investigación o postdoc en un proyecto de barcoding a gran escala

Oferta compartida por Nuria

Postdoctoral /research assistant position: Large-scale DNA barcoding for completing the inventory of European biodiversity and providing the foundations of a global bio-surveillance system for biodiversity.

A postdoctoral/research assistant position is available in Sara Fratini's lab at the Department of Biology, University of Florence, Italy, within the frame of the Project BGE-Biodiversity Genomics Europe project - funded in the call HORIZON-CL6-2021-BIODIV-01. In particular, the candidate will develop DNA barcoding libraries of European species working with fresh materials, belonging to terrestrial, freshwater and marine species. Good knowledge of traditional and advanced biomolecular techniques is highly desirable.

Habitat degradation and climate change are among the main causes of the increasing global loss of biodiversity worldwide. Addressing the global biodiversity crisis requires accurately recognizing the diversity of life on earth so that we can develop monitoring systems to track over time how biodiversity responds to different environmental pressures. In this context, the development of accurate and extensive barcoding libraries including the largest number of taxa, from different environments will help record biodiversity patterns. The development of barcode libraries will be based on next-generation sequencing techniques (PacBio Sequel IIe).

The deadline of the call is 25 January 2023, and the online submission system is here:

Complete information on the call can be found here:
and here

For any additional information, feel free to contact Sara Fratini:

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