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4 de enero de 2023

Urgente: Asistente de investigación para trabajar con monos en Costa Rica (gastos incluidos + pequeña compensación)

 Position: One position as a field research assistant for a Yale PhD student at the Lomas Barbudal Monkey Project (capuchins, Costa Rica)

Hiring Organization: Yale University, United States

Project Description: What are white-faced capuchin nutritional goals? How does achieving (or not achieving) these goals relate to lifetime fitness? How does achieving these goals relate to survival during an extreme drought in 2015? We are looking for one passionate and hands-on field assistant to complete our team to address these questions! Together, we will collect data, contribute to the Lomas Barbudal Monkey Project’s long-term database, develop invaluable professional (and personal) skills and build a connection with the natural world. This is a perfect steppingstone and opportunity for a future career in ecology or conservation.

Responsibilities: Assistants are on a three-day rotational schedule. We spend two days in the field and one day at home. Field days are generally 12-14 hours, during which time we follow monkeys through the forest. This can be challenging, because it involves hiking and pushing through undergrowth, while also collecting behavioral data, food samples and occasionally collecting fecal samples. It is important that we support each other and remain optimistic when we have the capacity to do so. Every third day, responsibilities involve editing behavioral data, processing food and fecal samples (i.e., weighing, drying, labelling and sealing into bags), completing one daily chore and cooking dinner (and lunch for the following day) for the field team. You may also be responsible for transcribing data that was collected from your training period (this could be 150 - 300 hours of transcription). These are not days off, but they offer the opportunity to recharge and catch up on sleep. Each month, one day is spent conducting phenology surveys, and two days are spent collecting plant samples.

*We have and enforce a strict anti-harassment policy, including sexual harrassment.*

Applicants are required to read the field guide for the Lomas Barbudal Capuchin Project to get a sense of the terrain and typical work schedule.

Qualifications/Experience: We are open to different backgrounds and experiences! It’s most important to have a positive attitude, high tolerance for stress and not be afraid of/have an aversion to: insects, heat, humidity, rain and, to be honest, being generally uncomfortable. Additionally, you must be accepting that Costa Rica does not offer the same comforts as the United States, and you should accordingly manage your expectations (sometimes we don't have internet, electricity, running water, etc.). You must be able to carry a heavy backpack (3-6 liters of water, project equipment, etc.) and hike for long days (but this is something that will also improve with time). Previous field/backpacking/outdoor experience, Spanish language skills, and an interest in primatology, wildlife, ecology or conservation are all a plus but not necessary.

Term of Appointment: A 7-month commitment (January 31 - August 31) is necessary. The start date is only negotiable by a few days. 

Compensation: This is a volunteer position. The assistant will not be compensated during their training period, which will likely be 1 - 2 months, but it could be longer depending on the applicant. Afterwards, the assistant will receive $520.00/month as a stipend, specifically for the laboratory component of the position (drying and weighing food and fecal samples), because this is generally not a field assistant task. An additional $100.00 bonus will be granted if you arrive at the field site trained on: code tests, speed tests and plant tests (interobserver reliability tests, which I will train you on beforehand). Your flights will be reimbursed if you stay the duration of your contract, which is 7 months (and they will not be reimbursed if you leave before the end-date stated in your contract). Assistants receive room and board with the other project personnel in the town of Pijije near the Lomas Barbudal Biological Reserve. Rent and food is 100% covered, except during vacation and Visa renewal trips (I will explain this in the interview process), during which times, assistants must support themselves. You will also receive essentials, such as snake leggings and bug spray, but you must pay for your own personal hygiene products. Everyone receives five days of vacation at the end of the month. It is possible that vacations may need to move around if someone contracts COVID, and you must be willing to flexible. We work on weekends. If there is something that you need to leave for (not during vacation), then please indicate so in your letter of interest. This is something that we may be able to accommodate. You will receive training in behavioral data collection, laboratory methodologies, population monitoring, ecological monitoring, climate monitoring, and working in a collaborative environment.  

You will be responsible for paying for your vaccinations and health insurance. You will also be responsible to purchase your own personal hygiene products, field clothes, backpack, binoculars and support yourself on vacation and Visa renewal trips. You will not be monetarily compensated during the training period, but your rent and food will still be covered. You will also have to pay for your flight, initially, as you will be reimbursed when you complete your term. If you are a Yale affiliate then you may be covered by Yale iSOS, and if not, then you are able to enroll for $80.00. 

COVID restrictions: At this time, the applicant must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (including the booster) before the start of the position and must wear a face mask when it is required.

Application materials: To apply, please send the following to alexa.du...@yale.edu with an email header: “Application for field assistant position”:

1.    Letter of interest: Describe your career goals, why you are interested, and your suitability for the project

2.    CV/resume

3.   Unofficial/Official College Transcript: for institutions outside of the US, please include a summary of coursework and grades

4.    References:  Please send the contact information (including email addresses) for 3 or more people who would be willing to write letters of support. We prefer that this list include 

a.    one academic reference

b.    one person who has supervised the applicant’s research or work in the past

c.     one person who has lived with the applicant in a cooperative living situation

If you do not hear back within three days acknowledging the receipt of your application, please send me another email, so I can check my junk mail. If the application looks promising, then a Zoom interview will be conducted. If the interview goes well, then a second interview with the founder of the field site will be required.

Application Deadline: I will begin reviewing applications immediately and will continue until the assistant position is filled.

Contact Information: Alexa Duchesneau, Department of Anthropology, Yale University, 10 Sachem St, New Haven, CT 06511

Telephone Number: (978) 587-1025

Email Address: alexa.duchesneau@yale.edu

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