Estudia la evolución del útero de humanos, primates y otros mamíferos en este postdoc ~

10 de marzo de 2023

Estudia la evolución del útero de humanos, primates y otros mamíferos en este postdoc

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The Berthelot lab at Institut Pasteur in Paris has an opening for a postdoctoral researcher to join our team in an ERC-funded project to explore the functional mechanisms of rapid evolution in mammals.

Our team focuses on the uterus, a fascinating yet understudied organ in mammals. Despite its central role in mammalian reproduction, the uterus evolves very rapidly, driven by a continuous evolutionary crosstalk to optimize maternal/embryonic interactions. We want to understand how uterine gene expression programs have repeatedly evolved to produce dramatic phenotypes such as menstruation or invasive embryo implantation – two rare traits that appeared during primate evolution, but have also evolved independently in other mammalian groups. To answer these exciting questions, we combine single-cell multi-omics sequencing with comparative genomics and evolutionary modeling across humans, primates and mammals.

You will join a multidisciplinary, highly collaborative lab and will have flexibility to address varied biological questions within our core project. The postdoctoral project will be developed in collaboration with the candidate to fit your skills and interests.

Read more about the lab here

We are seeking an enthusiastic scientist with a strong computational background in genomics, population genetics, biostatistics, evolutionary biology or a related field.
The following skills will be an advantage:
  • Prior experience with large genomic datasets and/or -omics data analysis (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, etc)
  • Prior experience with comparative or evolutionary genomics
  • Proficient coding in R and/or Python and experience with high-performance cluster computing
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills
However, training can be offered in any of these skills as part of the Institut Pasteur training programs and in collaborations with other team members.

The position is fully funded for 2 years with possibilities for extension. The lab benefits from excellent support thanks to an ERC Starting Grant and Institut Pasteur core funding. 
Salary will be commensurate to experience following the Institut Pasteur pay scale. Start date is flexible, but cannot be later than November 2023.


The Berthelot lab is a G5 tenure-track group at Institut Pasteur, situated in the heart of Paris, France. We are part of the Genomes and Genetics department and have co-affiliations to the Developmental and Computational Biology departments, providing our lab members with diverse opportunities to collaborate and receive feedback. We offer an outstanding scientific environment, with access to state-of-the-art experimental and computational facilities, excellent technical support, a diverse network of collaborators, and an exciting international environment within the Institut Pasteur, one of the leading biomedical research institutions worldwide. We are also committed to providing our lab members with a supportive environment where creativity, openness and kindness are encouraged.

Send a motivation letter with your CV, list of publications and the contact information of minimum two references to Camille Berthelot (
Application reviews will begin immediately, until a suitable candidate is found. Latest deadline for applications is 15 April 2023.
For any questions, please reach out to Camille.

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