Coordinador de proyecto y experto de investigacón en el santuario de chimpancés de Tacugama en Sierra Leona ~

10 de abril de 2023

Coordinador de proyecto y experto de investigacón en el santuario de chimpancés de Tacugama en Sierra Leona

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For the project "Targeted actions to enhance habitat regeneration, conservation, and biodiversity in the OutambaKilimi-Madina-Oula transboundary landscape of Guinea and Sierra Leone funded by WABiLED"

Project Coordinator & Research Expert Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary (TCS) was founded in 1995 by Bala Amarasekaran together with the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL). Everything TCS does starts with the chimps and transitions into wildlife conservation, research, climate change mitigation, advocacy, law enforcement, youth and women empowerment, community outreach, eco-tourism, environmental education and livelihood support initiatives. Previous studies have recognized the Outamba-Kilimi-Madina-Oula (OKMO) transboundary landscape in Guinea and Sierra Leone as a hotspot for endangered species such as the western chimpanzee (CR), African forest elephant (CR), hooded vulture (CR), giant ground pangolin (EN) and flora species such as Nymphoides guineensis (EN) and the endemic to Guinea Dilophotriche occidentalis (VU).The present 1 year project supports ongoing conservation initiatives (EU-Funded OKKPS PAPFor project) that were born out of the government will in both countries. WCF and TCS collaborate together on this project, with WCF as main applicant and TCS as co-applicant. In addition to support the creation process of the Penselli-Soyah-Sabouyah National Park in Guinea, this project aims to enhance habitat regeneration, conservation, and biodiversity in the Outamba-Kilimi-Madina-Oula trans boundary landscape of Guinea and Sierra Leone. In order to develop and coordinate the operational management of the forest landscape complex of OKMO, the project is recruiting a Project Coordinator in Sierra Leone, under funding obtained from the WABiLED, and the mandate given by Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary (TCS) and the Government of Sierra Leone.

The Project Coordinator & Research Expert will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing the implementation of all project activities (community work, research, education, finance and logistics) to improve the management of the Outamba-Kilimi-Kuru Hills landscape in Sierra Leone.

THE TEAM The Project Coordinator & Research Expert will work closely with TCS Outreach staff, staff on the current EU-funded OKKPS PAPFor project incluiding staff from WCF, these includeTCS: Conservation Manager, Field Manager, Assistant Field Manager, Research Manager
OKKPS SL: Community Conservation Manager, Logistics and Finance team, GIS Officer, Community Field Officers, Ecoguards, NPAA Guards
OKKPS Guinea: WCF Project Manager, WCF Special Projects Manager, WCF Financial Director, Ecoguards, OGPR Guards

 Contribute to the development of the OKMO project’s strategies in Sierra Leone
 Coordinate a wildlife survey using systematic linear transects and camera traps to gain information and confirm the importance of the conservation value of the zone. WCF and TCS will carry two complementary, standardized, and harmonized methods of wildlife monitoring within the OKMO landscape.
 To enhance law enforcement in the landscape using the implementation of monthly surveillance and anti-trafficking patrols by community ecoguards in collaboration with the national authorities (NPAA in Sierra Leone).
 Plan the effective management of wildfires in the landscape.
 Promote forest landscape restoration through Natural Ecological Regeneration (NER) approach with a conditional adaptation of the Moyen Bafing National Park (MBNP) a model developed by WCF in Guinea.  Design and implement different outreach activities that help to create awareness for the local villages, including radio broadcasts, focus groups conducting regular awareness sessions.
 Support the local governance with the involvement of all socio-professional structures and Committees.
 Ensure the supervision of all socio-economic studies and the diagnosis of the local communities’ resilience to climate changes.
 Ensure good communication between the project and the representatives of local communities.
 Support the data collect and the monitoring and evaluation of activities related to community development and involvement in Sierra Leone.
 Support the writing of field reports following a standard template;
 Support the development of competitively strong proposals and concept notes in coordination with the development team.  Ensure the synergy between the actions of her/his program and the other programs of the OKKPS project;
 Regularly exchange with colleagues from other WCF and TCS projects and bring and share her/his expertise.
 Contribute technically to the preparation and organization of office activities: oral presentations, government and community-based meetings, consolidation of the terms of references before validation by the hierarchy.
 Support the writing and publication of the OKKPS project’s results in Sierra Leone;
 Help with the writing of field and meeting reports and make recommendations.
 Write monthly and quarterly reports of activities and submit them to the hierarchy on time.
 Write articles to be posted online on specific Media.
 Communicate with her/his immediate supervisor.
 Ensure the supervision and the quality of the terms of references, the production and monitoring of budgets, and the writing of activity reports.
 Regularly produce activity reports related to her/his program and share results with her/his immediate supervisor.
 Assist in forest landscape restoration through a Natural Ecological Regeneration (NER) approach with a conditional adaptation of the Moyen Bafing National Park (MBNP) model developed by WCF in Guinea.
 Working closely with 26 project ecoguards, subdivided into field teams, to patrol across the OKMO landscape in Sierra Leone;
 Working closely with rangers from the National Protected Area Authority, and assigning rangers to the ecoguard field teams, to jointly patrol across the landscape in Sierra Leone.  Providing regular training for all ecoguards and rangers patrolling in the landscape on the use of SMART, GPS devices, camera traps, recces, and other survey design methods.
 Planning different research surveys in collaboration with the WCF team involving the collection of human and wildlife data within the landscape;
 Providing law enforcement training to all ecoguards and rangers in collaboration with the National Protection Area Authority (NPAA) to ensure the conservation of the landscape.  Planning joint field missions with WCF to undertake joint patrols in both Guinea and Sierra Leone with all ecoguards and rangers assigned to the project.
 Inputting research and biomonitoring data into suitable software to facilitate analysis;  Analyzing research and biomonitoring data and building the capacity of other team members to do the same.
 Working closely with the GIS officer to extract and report on data-driven conclusions.  Inspecting sites to ascertain the appropriateness of existing conditions.
 Conferring with project beneficiaries and support staff to evaluate uptake, pitfalls, and areas necessitating expansion.
 Working closely with the Logistics Officer to ensure procurement activities and logistics procedures for purchasing, inventory, and equipment management are implemented and adhered to.
 Revising and creating novel implementations that cover shortfalls in extant initiatives.

Qualification–Masters / Ph.D in science or a university degree in Rural Development / Sociology / Agronomy / Conservation or any other similar field;
At least 3 years of professional experience in rural sociology, rural development, participative mapping, surveys, structuring of local communities;
At least 2 years of experience in the management of natural resources involving local communities within a national or international NGO;
Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and internet and medias (social network, websites, site web, etc.).PROFILE / DESIRED SKILLS
Have strong listening and communication skills;
Have good human relation skills and team spirit;
Have excellent skills for synthesis, and for written and oral expression; Be able to guarantee the confidentiality and discretion and be able to represent the NGO at the local level;
Have sensitivity for environmental issues and specifically for the management of natural resources involving local communities;
Have a sincere motivation to be involved in biodiversity conservation and in the protection of natural resources;
Have the will and openness to work in an international and multi-cultural field; Be resistant to stress (management of conflicts, management of unforeseen events, etc.) and be flexible around work hours;
Be organized, autonomous and rigorous in the work. Languages - English (advanced oral, reading and comprehension skills). In all her/his activities, she/he must be proactive, meaning that she/he must suggest improvements and adaptations. Her/his supervisor can ask for additional tasks if necessary.This job description covers the main responsibilities inherent to this position. However, it may be required to perform other tasks than those listed above, as well as to show a great flexibility in the management of the function without being considered as a contract modification.

The selected candidate will receive a monthly salary of 2000 USD / Month.

To apply, please email your CV and cover letter to in copy to By the 10th April 2023, for immediate start.Please mention the position name in the subject line of the email. In case you do not hear from us within two weeks after the closing date, this means that your application was unsuccessful.We thank you for your interest in working for TCS. This position is for 12 months.

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