PhD y Postdoc en conservación de plantas en Oviedo ~

18 de mayo de 2023

PhD y Postdoc en conservación de plantas en Oviedo

Oferta compartida por Cristina


We are looking for a Postdoc and a PhD student for reinforcing our research line in Plant Conservation at the Atlantic Botanic Garden. Fluent Spanish is mandatory, see details here:

Main research topics
Biogeography of plant communitiesHow plant community diversity varies across time and space?
What is the role of historical and environmental factors in shaping plant diversity?
Regeneration by seedsHow seed ecological patterns and functions differ across habitats?
What are the main trade-offs of seed traits across species and communities?
Habitat mapping and monitoring​How vegetation data can provide data for mapping and monitoring ecosystems?
​How can we map vegetation dynamics and passive rewilding?
Plant conservation and global changeHow can we approach global conservation initiatives of biodiversity at the regional scale?
How botanic gardens and their collections may contribute to global conservation strategies?

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