Postdoc en biología evolutiva de plantas (determinación sexual y cromosomas sexuales) ~

9 de mayo de 2023

Postdoc en biología evolutiva de plantas (determinación sexual y cromosomas sexuales)

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A postdoc in plant evolutionary biology is available in the research group of John Pannell in the Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne. The postdoc is initially for one year, but could be extended for up to five years. The successful applicant will work on the comparative genomics of transitions in plant sexual systems and on the evolution of sex determination and sex chromosomes. Research will focus on one or both of two models that are well developed in the lab: the evolution of sexual systems and sex chromosomes in the European annual plant Mercurialis annua and its relatives; and the evolution of sex chromosomes and sexual dimorphism in the South African genus Leucadendron. The genus Mercurialis displays remarkable variation in the expression of combined versus separate sexes among species and natural populations of the species M. annua. We have also observed rapid transitions between dioecy and monoecy in M. annua under experimental conditions and now aim to investigate the genomic architecture of these transitions. The genus Leucadendron is fully dioecious, but its species vary dramatically in their levels of sexual dimorphism in terms of morphology, life history and patterns of gene expression. Recent analysis suggests that the entire genus of approximately 80 species has the same XY sex-determination system, but that the sex chromosomes have experienced different rates of gene trafficking.

For details of current research in the lab and a list of publications, see this link

Research scope and skills sought 
We are looking for a postdoc with an interest and skills in the generation and especially the analysis of genome and transcriptome data to test evolutionary and population genetic hypotheses. The postdoc will work on projects currently running in the lab, as summarised above, but his or her specific research can be tailored to personal interests and training objectives. He or she should be able to demonstrate a strong conceptual foundation in evolutionary biology and population genetics and should be equipped with skills in bioinformatics and genome sequence and gene expression analysis. An interest in plant evolution specifically is not essential but could be an advantage. The successful candidate should also have good communication and interpersonal skills, and an ability to work in a team.

Host department and university 
The Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Lausanne hosts a broad range of research groups, and its members enjoy a lively intellectual and social life. Although the University of Lausanne is francophone, the department is highly international, and all its research activity and seminars are conducted in English. The University has seven faculties and approximately 14,300 students and 3,900 researchers from over 120 countries. It is situated on a beautiful campus on the shore of Lake Geneva, and is close to the Swiss and French Alps.

Informal enquiries should be sent to John Pannell ( Formal applications should be sent to John Pannell as a single pdf that should include: a cover letter detailing your research interests, experience and motivation for applying; your CV; and the names of two or three referees. In addition, you will also need to upload your application to the University of Lausanne recruitment platform following this link. All applications received by 22 May 2023 will receive full consideration.

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