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16 de junio de 2023

Puesto de gestor.a del campamento Kokolopori para la investigación de bonobos

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The Kokolopori Bonobo Research Project (KBRP) seeks a field camp manager for a one-year appointment to join our international team running a small research site at Kokolopori, Democratic Republic of Congo. Candidates will be responsible for supporting the maintenance, logistics, and management of the bonobo research camp. In addition to working closely with the local population, candidates will also work with a second assistant. Together, the two will be primarily responsible for organizing the data collection on the bonobos and may help supervise additional research activities. Typical duties include communication with local villages and administrators, coordinating community projects, organizing work schedules, payments coordination and basic financial accounting, supply organization, and maintenance of camp infrastructure. Exact distribution of duties will be decided according to the background of the candidates. Candidates will represent KBRP in interactions with regional administrators and village leaders, therefore French language skills are an essential requirement.
Kokolopori’s field site is in an extremely remote location, accessible by motorbike several hours from a small airfield, without running water or electricity. Field camp members are housed in tents at the field site. Meals provided will consist primarily of locally sourced foods (beans, manioc, rice). The work can be physically and mentally taxing. Candidates will need to provide proof of health insurance covering expenses in case of a health emergency evacuation by charter plane. We ask that you take this into careful consideration before applying.
Additional information about the Kokolopori area and field site is available at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kokolopori 

Essential requirements are listed in order of importance: (1) field experience and language skills in French and English, (2) above average physical fitness, (3) above average resistance to social/psychological stress. Must feel comfortable being far away from family and friends and be emotionally mature, energetic, and patient. It is necessary that applicants have good social skills, especially in small groups, and be able to maintain a positive and humorous attitude towards challenging and tiring work, and (4) practical and technical skills to supervise and maintain the camp’s technical infrastructure such as solar electricity, generator, satellite phone, and sw-radio. In addition, candidates are expected to organize and supervise simple construction work (e.g. makeshift buildings in camp) and oversee habituation of neighboring bonobo communities. Candidates must have a sense of leadership, independent motivation to take on responsibility, fortitude, resilience, and strong diplomacy skills. They must be capable of achieving tasks through improvisation, using the limited resources available. Furthermore, candidates should have the capacity to live and work with a small team including local staff, as well as a tolerance for customs and practices of traditional societies. KBRP strives to maintain a respectful, equitable, and harassment free environment. Sexual and/or gender-based harassment of any type will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate dismissal at your own expense.
500 US Dollar/month (higher pay will be discussed for candidates with more than 2 years of relevant experience)
· Food (mix of primarily local food and some western food items)
· Lodging (in tents) at the field site
· Airfare for one roundtrip international flight to DRC and one roundtrip domestic return flight from Kinshasa to the field site, plus accommodation in Kinshasa
· Expenses for Visa (reimbursed after successful completion of 12-month appointment)TERM OF APPOINTMENT:
Twelve months beginning in August 2023 Please submit applications by June 25. Applications should include an updated CV, statement of interest highlighting qualifications/experience, and three references (or contact information). Please email to Dr. Martin Surbeck (msurbeck@fas.harvard.edu) and KBRP administrator Danielle da Cruz (danielledacruz@fas.harvard.edu)

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