Especialista en GIS y Data Science para la Connected Conservation Foundation ~

27 de octubre de 2023

Especialista en GIS y Data Science para la Connected Conservation Foundation

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We're seeking a GIS & Data Science Specialist

Join our team!

Could you be our next team member to help empower conservation through data and technology?

Connected Conservation Foundation is excited for a GIS and Data Science Specialist to join our small team, to help us design and support remote sensing projects. This is a unique opportunity to work with local conservation teams across the globe and technology experts in corporations such as Cisco and Airbus. You’ll help us join capabilities across partners to put technology to work for protected areas, people and wildlife.

Location: Based remotely in either: the UK, South Africa or Kenya
Contract: Two-year contract / Part Time (@ 3 days a week, with flexibility to increase)
Key Contacts: Sophie Maxwell, Executive Director
Salary: Commensurate with experience in GIS and Data Science, plus geographic location of applicant.
Benefits: Pension (@ UK minimum requirements). No health or relocation package.
Required: Please send your CV and Cover Letter to

You’ll work collaboratively with the Technical Leads from our partner conservation and corporate organisations, researching the best solutions and approaches for the design and support of appropriate conservation technology to meet conservation challenges. Working closely with field teams, you will develop use cases, align solution providers, understand the latest progress in geospatial projects and advise on implementation and enhancements.

This role requires a passion for wildlife conservation, sustainability and environmental stewardship, coupled with a strong affinity for innovative technologies, through research and the identification of potential funding opportunities that could enhance the work of our community-based field partners.

Proficiency in a range of technical competencies is essential, encompassing GIS, remote sensing, telemetry, machine learning and cloud technologies. Your daily responsibilities will encompass the creation, delivery and support of solutions within these domains.

Key Responsibilities:Build engagement with new partners to understand their project requirements and how CCF and our corporate partners can help.
Work with specialists across organisations to define problem statements, use cases and input into solution development.
Provide support to conservation organisations and scientists designing data collection, data analysis and interpretation of complex datasets to enable data-driven decisions.
Manage acquisition, collection, analysis and troubleshooting of GPS, GIS and remotely sensed data to support our partner’s projects and decision-making.
Bring a solid foundation and experience in managing, building and using machine learning and modelling pipelines.
Work to continually advance data analytics solutions and your own expertise. Staying abreast of new Machine Learning techniques and remote sensing approaches to address environmental challenges.
Manage CCF’s data infrastructure, software licensing, and data and GIS-related computing resources.
Review data collected from fieldwork and other projects and summarise data in reports, documents, presentations or other methods.
Work with our Communications and Fundraising Manager to produce visually compelling data visualisations and summaries for fundraising, grant proposals, donors and communications activities.
Communicate with local communities, field teams, rangers, technology partners and conservation stakeholders to determine needs and explain any technical issues.
Help field partners install any new technologies, access data and test new solutions.
Support and consultancy for conservation field teams on technical improvements, related to GIS, remote sensing and Data Analytics.
Help monitor and diagnose technology and equipment problems, helping to resolve issues.
Support training of users on best practices.
Log overseas donated equipment licences for conservation partners.

Qualifications:Bachelor’s or master’s degree in geoinformation, computer science, data science or a similar-related field.
At least two years of GIS and/or Data Science experience, ideally with both, in a professional capacity.
Experience with remote sensing analyses related to conservation and ecosystem change detection.
Experience managing and analysing complex datasets and databases.
Experience applying machine learning techniques to satellite imagery.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to collaborate with diverse geographic and technical backgrounds.
Attention to detail, with excellent follow-up skills to see projects and research to completion.
Self-learner and self-manager, with a start-up inquisitive mindset who loves problem-solving.
Proficient in excel, word and esri/GIS products including ArcGIS.
Desirable is experience with drones for wildlife and ecosystem surveys.
Fluency in English.
This is not a post-graduate role.

About us

Connected Conservation Foundation is a small charity of three persons, achieving so much with our partners. We exist to protect and restore wildlife and natural ecosystems, supporting local education and communities through technology. By uniting the collective capabilities of local partners, technology leaders and conservationists, we apply digital solutions to solve local wildlife challenges and bring benefits to both wildlife and people. CCF has nine long-running projects across Kenya, South Africa and Zambia, with solutions to help stop poaching, environmental destruction and human-wildlife conflict.

Our 2030 goal is to use technology to multiply conservation capacity to protect and restore 10 million hectares of natural habitat, conserve 50+ threatened species and improve the lives of people living in local communities. We believe technology has a critical role in helping us reach the United Nation’s ambition to protect 30% of the planet by 2030.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday 13 November, 2023
Interviews will take place in December 2023.

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