Coordina el campus de conservación de Osa en Costa Rica ~

1 de diciembre de 2023

Coordina el campus de conservación de Osa en Costa Rica

 Position: Conservation Campus Co-Coordinator

Location: Osa Conservation Campus

Status: Full-time

About Osa Conservation:

Osa Conservation is dedicated to preserving the significant terrestrial and marine biological diversity of Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula. Our approach combines ecosystem stewardship, scientific research, education, and sustainable economic initiatives. We believe in a comprehensive conservation strategy, rooted in an understanding of ecological, social, and economic factors. Our science-driven efforts are bolstered by strategic partnerships, informed decision-making, and a commitment to enhancing lives through nature conservation. We integrate science, community engagement, and robust support systems to collaboratively forge a sustainable future.

Role Overview:

As the Conservation Campus Co-Coordinator, your role will encompass overseeing daily operations and needs of the Osa Conservation Campus. This includes managing a biological station, a nature retreat centre, and an agroecological farm. Key responsibilities involve ensuring a superior visitor experience, enhancing customer service culture, and collaborating closely with campus staff to deliver an immersive conservation experience.


Operational Leadership: Oversee campus functions including cleaning, kitchen, maintenance, and farming.

Inventory Management: Handle supply inventory.

Agricultural Coordination: Partner with the Farm Coordinator on farm cycles and value-added products.

Sales and Marketing: Manage farm sales, create invoices, and establish new client relationships.

Culinary Collaboration: Develop farm-to-table menu options with the kitchen head.

Sustainability Initiatives: Lead and refine sustainability practices campus-wide.

Promotional Activities: Engage in outreach to boost campus visitation.

Material Production: Create promotional materials for digital and print media.

Volunteer Program Management: Supervise and enhance the volunteer experience.

Visitor Engagement: Conduct farm tours and ensure visitor satisfaction.

Hospitality Development: Improve client service and manage hospitality processes.


Background in tourism, administration, marketing, hospitality, agroecology, or related fields.

Proficiency in English and Spanish.

Strong communication and collaboration skills.

Detail-oriented with a quick work turnaround.

Remote field work adaptability.

Solution-focused with problem-solving abilities.

Teamwork skills and organizational contribution flexibility.

Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google programs.

Valid manual driver's license.

Application Process:

To apply, send your CV and cover letter to with the subject “Osa Conservation Campus Co-Coordinator.” The application deadline is January 5th, 2024.

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