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5 de diciembre de 2023

Oferta de doctorado en ecología y entomología en bellas montañas de Austria

Oferta compartida por Sara.

The Institute for Alpine Environment performs problem-oriented research of mountain environments in the fields of landscape ecology, global change, biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainable development.

For the project “MonitAnt” (Biodiversa+) starting in 2024 we invite applications for a PhD position in the field of ecology (direction community ecology and entomology).

The aim of the project is to investigate mound-building Formica ants and the associated myrmecophile community both on a local and a continental scale. The main deliverable is a new monitoring strategy for mound-building Formica ants on a transnational level including different forest and grassland types. Furthermore, the project will define ecological and management thresholds for the survival and reproduction of this ant group. During the validation of this new monitoring approach, basic research will be carried out on different aspects of both mound-building Formica ants ecology and the diverse invertebrate community hosted by this umbrella taxon (as well as on associated vertebrate taxa).

All the gathered information will refine the monitoring approach and used to inform practitioners and stakeholders of forest management.

The role of Eurac Research will be to contribute to the general project and to focus on elevation gradients and forest types in the Alps. There is also the possibility of investigating in parallel the elevation gradient of Formica mound-building ants and their myrmecophiles in grasslands.

The fieldwork will be partly conducted on survey sites of the Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol and within the LTSER Site Mazia/Matsch.

The student will be officially registered as a PhD student at the University of Innsbruck and employed at Eurac Research working from the main seat in Bolzano/Bozen (IT). FECHA LÍMITE : 31/12/2023

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