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4 de julio de 2024

Oferta curiosa de gestión ambiental en Islandia

 Natural Resource Scientist

As part of their long-term strategy for sustainability Thorverk is excited to announce that they will be hiring a natural resource scientist to work in the long-standing wild seaweed harvesting industry in the west of Iceland. Thorverk in Reykholar is advertising the position of a specialist to work in the marine harvest and use of Ascophyllum and Laminaria in Breiðafjörður.

Required skills:

· Excellent interpersonal skills and flexibility.

· Experience from scientific work and research.

· Basic knowledge in biology and sustainable resource utilization.

· Knowledge and experience of nature conservation and pollution prevention.

· Independent working methods and initiative.

· Proficiency in using computers and the most common programs for data processing and presentations.

Projects that the resource scientist attends to can be for example:

· Control and research of the factory's raw material and possible by-catch.

· Participation in the organization of short and long-term seaweed harvesting.

· Review of the factory's policy and goals in environmental activities.

· Communication with all workers, mowers, farmers as well as factory managers and public institutions.

· Studies of harvest areas, biomass, regrowth rate.

· Responsibility for registration of catches and product traceability.

· Management of automatic GPS registration.

· Assistance with green accounting.

· Education, teaching and dissemination of knowledge and experience inside and outside the factory.

· The work overlaps with the company's quality control and analysis of products/raw materials.

Thorverk Ltd. has been operating for nearly half a century in harmony with nature, landowners, and authorities. The sustainable use of Ascophyllum and Laminaria in Breiðafjörður is the basis for the company's operation; no more is taken than can regrow naturally before the next round of harvest. The factory uses geothermal heat for drying the seaweed, which is then chopped, sieved, and sold around the world. Our sustainable wild harvest of macroalgae, organic processing and production are internationally certified.

The factory owns two ships and four floating harvesting barges. It takes care of landing with its own equipment; runs its own mechanic workshop and maintains all harvesting equipment. The factory employs about 25 people with varied backgrounds, education, and training.

Seaweed harvesters are sub-contractors using the company's floating barges. The operation of Thorverk is successful, however, the requirements for monitoring, research, certifications, transparent management, data collection and recording of information are constantly increasing. The factory is at a crossroad of a possible expansion and more diverse production from the same raw material. New times require increased expertise and greater division of labor.


The application deadline is July 7th.

Apply for the job here.

The application must be in English or Icelandic, accompanied by a curriculum vitae and a detailed cover letter stating the reason for the application and the reasons for the person’s ability to perform in the job.

Jensína K. Böðvarsdóttir (jensina@vinnvinn.is) and Garðar Ó. Ágústsson (gardar@vinnvinn.is) at Vinnvinn, oversee the recruitment process.

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